The Perfect Mattress For Your Preferred Sleeping Position Could Be Waiting For You

Mattresses found at a mattress sale are fabricated in many different types of materials and incorporate different technologies to offer support and comfort at a variety of different levels. Moreover, today you’re able to choose from a wide market of mattresses in order to sleep great at night and wake up with little to no aches or pains in the morning. So the question is, what mattress is right for you?


For the Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers run the risk of back pain since the spine can’t be perfectly aligned. The spine is pushed upwards and can also strain the neck. Sleeping on your stomach also compresses your abdominal organs inward while adding extra pressure on the lungs and breasts. 

The best type of mattress for stomach sleepers are either a memory foam mattress or a plush mattress. These types of mattresses allow the body to sink into the mattress and lets a layer of cushion form around the body parts that sink lower (ie. the chest area for example).

For the Side Sleepers

It is important for side sleepers to use a mattress that aids in spinal alignment of the neck and everything below to a leveled position. If not, side sleepers run the risk of causing major damage to the spine which can lead to back problems in the future. 

A soft to medium-firm memory foam mattress is the perfect choice for side sleepers! If a side sleeper was to purchase a very-firm mattress, the mattress would leave space between the body and the surface of the neck which will likely cause both lower back and neck pain. On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft doesn’t allow enough support and the body will not be properly cushioned. 

If you’re interested, some mattresses are hybrid mattresses which are also perfect for side sleepers. Hybrid mattresses have many different layers but usually consist of memory foam on top with more supportive latex layers below.

For the Back Sleepers

Doctors recommend sleeping on your back and it’s actually the most common sleeping position. Back sleepers are less likely to put a significant amount of pressure on the neck or spine since the spine is in alignment already. There is also the benefit of reduced joint or back pain because there is a lack of stretching or bending as opposed to the other sleeping positions. 

Back sleepers do need support in specific areas, however. When sleeping on your back, the back begins to arch creating a gap between the lower back and the mattress. To help fix this gap, back sleepers need a cushiony mattress that isn’t too soft and provides support. A latex mattress is perfect for this! Back sleepers should select a latex mattress that has orthopedic support for the back or select a memory foam mattress for all of the benefits that it entails. 

Other Things to Note Regardless of Sleeping Position

Coil-spring mattresses can aggravate allergies to lint, cotton, or dust mites. If you have allergies to any of those, consider purchasing a hypoallergenic cover for your mattress. 

It’s important to keep in mind your weight when selecting a mattress. A heavier individual who prefers to sleep on their stomach needs a mattress that is on the softer side so the stomach can sink. The individual would be extremely uncomfortable at night in any firm mattress. If an individual is a stomach sleeper on the lighter side, they should consider a firmer mattress for stomach support. 

Consider buying your new mattress at a San Diego store with a mattress sale. These stores have a large inventory of mattresses that allow you to lie on them so you can get a feel of what they’re like. It also helps that showroom employees are very knowledgeable and can help assist you in selecting the right mattress for you.

Consider all of these things if you’re in the market for a new mattress. Your new mattress may just be your next great investment.