Visiting Chiropractors Vs. Your Local Mattress Stores Orange County

How’s your back feeling?  If you’re one of millions of people who suffer from back issues, you know that being pain-free can make the difference between being able to live your life and just gritting your teeth and getting through the day.  While a great chiropractor is a wonderful ally, did you know that if you ask them, your chiro will likely recommend a stop at one of the mattress stores Orange County has available?

Your Mattress Could Be Making Things Worse

While it used to be common to hear the advice that all people with back pain should use an extremely firm mattress, this is no longer recommended.  Rather, your mattress should keep your spine aligned while you sleep. Your chiropractor can treat you, but then if you return home to sleep on an old, worn-out, or uncomfortable mattress, you’ll find that you need another treatment sooner rather than later.  Here’s our recommendations for finding a mattress that your chiropractor will approve of.


1. Lower Back Pain

It matters where your pain typically is.  People with lower back pain typically do better with a firmer style of mattress.  This doesn’t mean that you need to sleep on a completely hard mattress, but rather that you need to make sure that your mattress supports your spine adequately.


2. Upper Back Pain

On the other hand, if your pain is located in your upper back or if you suffer from neck pain, softer or plusher mattress might be a better fit for you.  Often, people with upper back or neck pain find that foam mattresses are a good choice.


3. Arthritis

Arthritis can cause pain in multiple joints throughout the body, often necessitating a high-quality mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep.  But if you’re worried about whether the cost of a new mattress will be justified, remember that better sleep can often improve arthritis symptoms.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but if you suffer from chronic back pain it’s downright essential.  Chat with your chiropractor today, and make sure that your mattress isn’t making your life more difficult than it needs to be.



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