Is Spring Giving You A Headache?

As the days grow longer and the cold weather fades, many people feel their spirits lighten.  However, if you’re one of the millions who suffers sleep disturbances at the changing of the seasons, you might be feeling less than cheerful at the appearance of Spring.  Here is our list of common Spring sleep issues, and suggestions to beat them–some of them (like paying a visit to the best of the Orange County mattress stores) might surprise you!


1. Spring Allergies

Blooming flowers and budding trees are beautiful to look at, but they can also shed pollen that can wind up in your home–and from there, in your eyes and nose.  Allergy symptoms like watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, and clogged sinuses can make sleep elusive, but you can take steps to keep your bedroom a pollen-free sanctuary.  Here are our suggestions:

  • Shower before bed, to remove any pollen that’s attached to your body, and wear clean night clothes.

  • Vacuum your bedroom every day.

  • Avoid opening windows.

  • Use a dust cover on your mattress and pillows.


2. Make Sure Your Mattress Isn’t The Problem

Many people with pollen allergies are also irritated by dust mites.  These tiny creatures live everywhere that humans or animals do, since their main food source is microscopic flakes of dead skin.  If you’ve used your current mattress for years, it’s possible that it’s deeply contaminated with dust mites. While you can use a dust-mite-proof slipcover, often the best solution is to purchase a new mattress and cover, avoiding dust mite infestation in the first place.  Other important ways to keep the dust mite population down include using dust mite covers on your pillows, and laundering bedding and pillows often in hot water.


3. Check With Your Doctor

If allergies are making you truly miserable, be sure to mention your symptoms to your doctor.  There are many medications and mitigation strategies available, and your physician the person best able to offer you advice.

Remember, just because you have allergies, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the joys of the changing seasons.  Take the time to improve your sleep environment–and take time to stop nd smell the roses!



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