9 Common Sleeping Positions for Couples

Did you know you can tell a lot about a couple by the way they sleep with each other on their Orange County mattress? That’s right! Numerous scientific studies have shown that shyness, confidence, affection, insecurity, and all other aspects of a relationship can be seen in a couple’s sleeping position. So, if you’re ever wondering what your subconscious feels about your relationship or what your partner feels about you, then keep on reading!


1. Spooning

This position is one of the more well-known sleeping positions for couples. It is what you most often see in romantic movies or television shows—how much more lovey-dovey can a couple be if, even in sleep, they can’t keep their hands off each other?

Spooning also signifies that the couple is protective of each other. This sleeping position is very soothing and comforting for the “little spoon” while very satisfying for the “big spoon.”

According to a 2015 study by psychologist Corinne Sweet and Travelodge, around 18% of couples spoon when they sleep.

2. Back-to-Back

Couples who sleep with their backs touching show that they value their independence while still longing for closeness. They do not mind being by themselves but would still prefer being with their partners. They are comfortable with their relationships even if they aren’t clinging to each other in sleep!

It’s also a matter of hygiene. Maybe one of them doesn’t want to wake up to their partner’s (or their own) stinky breath every morning, or maybe they don’t want to have an earful of snores every five minutes. Back-to-back sleeping lets you have your own space while still being connected with your loved one.

3. Front-to-Front

Couples that sleep facing each other love being with one another. They want each other’s faces to be the last thing they see as they fall asleep and the first thing they see as they wake up in the morning. In a front-to-front position, the couple may even have their arms wrapped around each other and their heads sharing the same pillow.

While this seems very romantic, not a lot of couples practice it in theory. According to the University of Hertfordshire, approximately only 4% of couples sleep in this position.

4. Reaching Spoon

Reaching spoon happens when one person in the relationship (big spoon) wants more closeness but the other (little spoon) doesn’t want to give it. This can happen for several reasons: the little spoon wants to play hard to get, the little spoon isn’t feeling satisfied with the relationship, the little spoon just wants to get away from the big spoon’s overt clinginess, or the big spoon wants more attention from their partner. 

5. Nuzzle

The nuzzle position involves one person lying on their back and an arm stretched out. The other person then lies across the outstretched arm and rests their head on their shoulder. Like spooning, this is a very romantic sleeping position as it looks like the couple is hugging!

Another variation of the nuzzle is when the person on top stretches their arm out to protect the person on the bottom. This creates a shield that conveys how protective you are of your partner.

6. Starfish

I’m sure we’ve all had annoying bed hogs like these before. They’re the kind of people who’d take ¾ of your mattress in Orange County and leave you hanging at the edge for dear life! No matter how many times you try and push them back to their side, they always make their way back to yours.

It might seem a tad selfish, but many people who sleep in the starfish position probably just aren’t accustomed to sleeping with someone else. So, be patient with them instead. Put their limbs back where they belong, push them if you have to, and 3eventually, they’ll learn how to share properly.

7. Leg Hug

Have you ever woken up with your legs tangled in the sheets? Leg hugs are like that, but your legs are tangled with your partner’s legs! The rest of your body can be in any position it wants as long as your legs are mercilessly tangled with one another, just like an octopus.

Like the back-to-back position, leg hugs show that you like to sleep independently but want to maintain some sort of connection with your partner. Sometimes, feeling a leg across yours is enough to assure you that your partner is close by.

8. Liberty

The liberty sleeping position is exactly what it sounds like. Both parties in the relationship are free from each other—none of their body parts are touching. They can do whatever they want, sleep however they want, wake up whenever they want, and more!

While this may seem like the most unromantic sleeping position ever, it actually shows the couple is innately comfortable with one another. They don’t need to be touching each other at all—they know the other person is there. They’re connected even if they’re far apart.

Many established couples sleep in this position because of its convenience.

Child/Pet in the Middle

Lastly, you’ve got couples who sleep with their beloved kiddos or pets between them. As a dependent, there’s absolutely nothing better than to snuggle up or be sandwiched between your two favorite guardians. Sleeping with your kids and pets in the middle of your Orange County mattress can symbolize you’re one big happy family.

Of course, it can also mean that your kids and pets can get in the way of maintaining a relationship with just the both of you. So, make sure you’ve always got some alone time to spare for your partner to keep the relationship fresh and thriving.

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