Do’s and Don’ts After Buying Your New Mattress

Congratulations on your brand new mattress! As professional mattress matchmakers, it was our privilege and our greatest pleasure to be a part of your journey to finding the perfect bed just for you! We hope that you’re enjoying your new mattress from one of our esteemed Orange County mattress stores, and we wish you a long, restful night’s sleep.


In this article, we’ll give you some helpful tips on what not to do after taking your new mattress home with you.

1.  Allow an Adjustment Period

The first few nights of sleeping on a new mattress can be difficult and uncomfortable as your body adjusts. It’s common for consumers to experience feelings of “sleep drunkenness” or drowsiness during the first week as they get used to their new mattress, so schedule those important morning meetings with an understanding boss if needed; but don’t let those longer-term plans interfere with the first week as you adjust! Remember it isn’t always easy changing mattresses after practically sleeping on a rock for so long.

2. Don’t Use Your Old Sheets if You Bought a New Size

Well duh! Of course, you’re going to need those new sheets that come with the new bed from our mattress store in Orange County, but don’t forget about other items such as blankets, comforters, and pillows as well! And just like we said before: no rolling around on anything until after 30 days — so move the old stuff out of reach for now…you won’t be using them anytime soon.

3. Change Your Bedtime Routine

Remember when we first got our driver’s license? All of a sudden everything was different for us because our parents would no longer have to drive us everywhere. But, this is exactly what you should NOT be doing when it comes to your mattress. By changing up your bedtime routine, you will notice that sleep may not come as easy because of different factors like the temperature in the room or the firmness of the bed. If anything, just stick to an hour before bedtime and use that time to decompress.

4. Don’t Doze Off While Watching TV

Sleeping while watching TV is usually bad news for both adults and children alike.  But it can be especially dangerous for new mattress owners, so keep the TV time to a minimum! Keep your mind on what’s happening on-screen plus how you are adjusting to your new sleeping surface. The combination of being inattentive while watching TV and being unaware of your new sleep position can lead to an array of sleep issues including back pain, neck pain, headaches, acid reflux, disrupted sleep patterns, etc.

5. Don’t Get Frisky

Yes, that’s right — no rolling around or overly physical activities until you have gone through the 30-day “adjustment period” (Okay, we’ll admit it: this is more for when you get older but still applies!). It may be easier said than done because you may not have time to get exercise until you have come home from work. But, the longer you wait to do this, the more sleep issues you may have.

The Time is Now

Yes, that means right now! Come visit one of our Orange County mattress stores to finally get the best sleep of your life! Buying a new mattress may be a huge financial commitment, but we promise that it will definitely pay off.