Get Your Circadian Rhythm Back On Track With Mattresses in San Diego

Getting a good night’s sleep is everybody’s aim and, without those important and essential forty winks, you won’t be ready to cope with your busy and hectic day ahead. That is why stores of mattresses San Diego believes it is important that you have a good quality mattress to sleep on and the right body temperature.


How Do I Regulate My Body Temperature?

When you can regulate your body temperature throughout the night, you will achieve uninterrupted sleep. Dreaming away on mattresses in San Diego is a good start to achieving the sleep you need, and at times, so desperately want!

Now, when it comes to body temperature, you should ask yourself if you have ever tried to sleep in a bedroom that was slightly too warm? Needless to say, you probably found it a struggle to fall asleep. The reason for this problem is that our Core Body Temperature (CBT) is linked to a person’s ability to sleep. So, for instance, when a person’s need for sleep increases, the body naturally cools. 

When you are in a room that is too warm, it discourages this natural process, which makes dozing off easier said than done. Furthermore, if you start to overheat while you sleep, it can result in an unsettling and unproductive night’s sleep. Without a doubt, that is never a fun night. 

On the other hand, one might ask how cool should the bedroom be in order to optimize sleep quality. How does temperature affect the quality of our sleep? We are glad you have questions because experts of mattresses in San Diego has all the answers for you. 

How Does Core Body Temperature (CBT) Affect Our Sleep? 

Based on research conducted in 2017 that looked into how warmer temperatures can affect sleep, the researchers arrived at this conclusion, “Normal sleep-wake cycles are governed by circadian rhythms – automatic biological processes that follow a 24-hour clock –and thermoregulation is a critical determinant of both falling asleep and staying asleep.”

In a nutshell, thermoregulation is the process that slowly drops your CBT in the evenings to let your body know that it is time to get ready for bed. Then, in the early morning, as the time to awake draws near, thermoregulation tenderly increases your body temperature so you are ready to bounce out of bed, ready for another eventful day. 

When you know how thermoregulation works, you can prepare your body better for uninterrupted sleep by making the proper decisions about when to exercise, take a hot bath or go for a cool dip in a pool. That way you don’t lose sleep over it.

How Do Hot Temperatures Affect Our Quality Of Sleep? 

While you sleep (or try to fall asleep) your body requires getting rid of heat and cooling itself down. When your sleep environment rules this out (either your thermostat is set too high, the weather is too hot and humid, or your bedding is too warm), sleep quality can be affected in a few different ways.

Sleep efficiency: This is the proportion of time spent asleep in a night in contrast to the total amount of time spent in bed. When higher temperatures interfere with sleep, your sleep efficiency score is lowered since you are spending more time tossing and turning rather than sleeping. 

Sleep Stages: Normally, warm temperatures reduce the time spent in slow-wave sleep and REM sleep, when the body does important work to rejuvenate and restore itself, from repairing cells and strengthening its immune system to processing memory emotions. When a person is exposed to very warm and humid ambient temperatures, it can restrain the body’s opportunity to do this crucial task. 

It is not a surprise that the quality of sleep can be undermined by heat since sleeping in a warm room results in the body trying to battle against its natural processes. So, how do you stop sleep loss because of the heat? 

Improve Your Circadian Rhythm By Sleeping Wisely

If you suspect that the temperature in your bedroom is preventing you from falling asleep, here are some simple ways to get your circadian rhythm back on track. 

  • Purchase a supportive mattress. Similar to running shoes, which are the main part of your performance gear for working out, consider your mattress performance gear for good quality sleep. If you buy an inferior mattress, it won’t matter how quiet and gorgeous your bedroom is after a sleepless night.
  • Use the correct sheets, pillows, and blankets. Make sure that your bedding is breathable and soft so your already fantastic mattress becomes even more exceptional!
  • Wear comfortable sleepwear. Fleece pajamas might be comfortable while you lounge around watching Netflix, but you will end up overheating throughout the night. Wearing breathable pajamas is important as well. Researchers even say that sleeping in your birthday suit is a good option. 
  • Cool your body down. Exercising before bed can help you sleep better, but a vigorous workout just before bed increases your CBT, so do your best to work out in the afternoons. Also, try to have hot baths, a sauna or steam room session, and anything else that might warm up your body in the afternoon, instead of before bedtime. Make sure you have sufficient time after finishing for thermoregulation to do its job and lower your body temperature just in time for sleep, which is usually two to three hours before bed. 
  • Lower the thermostat. Reduce the temperature of your thermostat, but not too low. The ideal bedroom temperature depends on the person, but sleep experts believe that temperatures above 54-75F (12-23C) negatively impact your sleep.

If you want to start your Circadian Rhythm off right, invest in comfortable mattresses in San Diego which can be easily found at Mattress Sale Liquidators.