Going to the Mattress Stores in Orange County Is An Investment

When you head to the mattress stores in Orange County because your old one is worn out, you’ll often see that some of the brands that are available have warranties that seem quite reasonable. A 10-year warranty is industry standard these days, though some mattress companies offer longer or shorter ones than that.


You’ll want to take good care of your mattress, though, so that it lasts you for as long as possible. Some mattresses can cost $3,000 or more, so it’s hardly something that you can afford to mistreat, warranty or no. If you follow these rules, your mattress will last for years, and you can enjoy many nights of healthy, restful sleep on it.


Separate Pet Beds


You might have a dog that loves to jump up on your bed, or even a couple of dogs that do so if your mattress is big enough to accommodate them, Orange County residents. However, you should discourage your dogs from sleeping on the bed with you.


They tend to drool on it, shed on it, and scuff it up with their toenails as part of their natural nesting behavior. Older pets sometimes have accidents there, too. Because of this, it is smarter for you to get a separate pet bed and have it next to yours. Train the dog to sleep there instead, and your mattress will certainly last longer.


Wash Your Bed Linens


The majority of people in Orange County don’t wash their bed linens as regularly as they should, and this has an adverse effect on your mattress. As you sleep, you shed hair and skin cells, and the sweat and oils from your body also stain the mattress. If you eat in bed, then you can also leave crumbs, which can attract pests.


Ideally, the bed linens should be stripped from the mattress and washed every two weeks or so. This is true even if you’ve gone to the mattress stores and picked up a protector. Mattress protectors should also be washed occasionally. Check the manufacturer’s directions on yours to figure out how to do so.


Get a Mattress Protector When You Buy the Mattress


Speaking of mattress protectors, it’s not a bad idea to pick one up at the same time that you get a new mattress, Orange County. If you’re dropping several hundred or even multiple thousands of dollars on a mattress, then you want to protect it from harm, and a custom-made protector is an ideal way for you to do that.


These protectors guard against spills, pests, and other forms of damage that can take place. They will also keep dust, debris, and dirt from contaminating your mattress. If you have respiratory issues, like asthma, then this is especially critical.


When you go to the mattress stores in Orange County, you’re purchasing something that you’d like to last for many years, and there are practical activities that can make a difference in that regard. If you’re careless with your mattress, then you’re not going to get nearly the use out of it that you would like, and you’ll soon have to go back for a new one.