Advice From The Orange County Mattress Stores

If it’s time for you to go to the Orange County mattress stores to get a replacement for a lumpy old mattress, then you’re probably excited about your new purchase. That makes sense since we spend countless hours on a mattress during our lives, and you want to get yourself a good one.



However, you also want to protect your investment, which means taking care of it. We spoke to the employees of several mattress stores, and here’s what they told us regarding ways to make your purchase last as long as possible.


Support it Properly


The one thing that we heard more than any other was that mattresses work best when they are supported appropriately. If you’re getting a spring mattress, then that usually means you should get a box spring for it. Specialty mattress, though, like memory foam, often require a solid, firm means of support.


If you have a bed that uses a frame, then it should be designed to support the weight of the mattress and sleepers, and that means center support bars in the case of queen and king mattresses, Orange County. It’s best to look at the warranty policy for your mattress or to communicate with the manufacturer. At a minimum, you should check on how the support is doing every year. What you’re looking for are broken springs or slats that could affect your enjoyment of your purchase.




There was also talk at mattress stores about the importance of rotating your mattress so that you’re promoting equal wear. The notion is similar to having the tires on your car rotated. The mattress is likely to last longer if you rotate it, just the same as your tires. If you don’t rotate, it makes softening more likely, or the forming of depressions.


Every two-to-six months is what most manufacturers will tell you for a rotation cycle. This is particularly true for the first couple of years that you own the mattress.


No Jumping


It’s likely that your parents told you at some point not to jump on the bed, Orange County, and when it comes to mattress preservation, they were not wrong. Virtually any style of mattress can be damaged by jumping, but the frames and the foundations also can take a beating and wear out quicker this way.


If you have kids in the house, then you should teach them not to jump on the bed. If they insist on jumping, take them to a facility that has trampolines, where that sort of activity is encouraged.


The more careful you are with your mattress, the more use you’re going to get out of it, and that’s important, Orange County. Some of the varieties that are out there cost multiple thousands of dollars, and that’s not the sort of big-ticket item that you want to replace every day.