How Melatonin Helps You Sleep Better

We must rest our weary bodies every day on our bed to recharge and get ready for the activities of the next day. We do this despite not truly understanding how our body works and how it strives to accomplish this through a hormone called melatonin. Here we shall seek how exactly this hormone is triggered, how it functions, and why exactly it’s so integral for us to get the rest we need on our mattresses in San Diego.


What it is

Melatonin is a hormone naturally made within the body that lets out notices when it needs to sleep. Depending on how much food you eat and how much light your body gets, melatonin in your body can increase. The more melatonin that your body has, the more is your desire to sleep.

Interesting Facts

It may surprise you that there is still a continuous study of melatonin today because some factors are not yet entirely understood. After all, some scientists are still debating and discovering just how effective the hormone is at putting people to sleep and how quickly it can accomplish this. This dilemma led them to test their theories with melatonin supplements to gauge how effective they can be at putting people to sleep faster.


There are many reasons you should take melatonin, considering the issues that may come with your sleeping habits on a San Diego mattress. It would be best to use it if you are trying to establish a sleeping cycle and struggling with stress. These external factors can either be a job with long shifts or it could be jetlag, which adds to your struggle in finding the pace and time to sleep. These instances should not be denied with the utility of such supplements.


There are cases in which you definitely should avoid taking these melatonin supplements, especially when your health is concerned. For example, if you are trying to get pregnant or if you already are, you should avoid melatonin. Avoid taking it if you are undergoing depression, as it can increase the effects of such a state if you are not careful. Always ask your doctor if taking melatonin is safe for you. Considering that not everyone is the same and might need different doses or can’t use it at all, it’s best to have your bases covered.


Melatonin is a beneficial hormone considering just how many factors it can affect whether it is safe to use as a supplement or not. You cannot deny its usefulness for your sleeping habits and whether or not you can get a whole night’s rest on your mattress from San Diego