Several Tips When Sleeping If You Have Sleep Apnea

When looking for a mattress in San Diego, you might feel futility since you might be struggling with sleep apnea. With such a condition, it is challenging to get a good night’s sleep despite getting the best mattress you can afford. For you to truly enjoy your new mattress, here are some tips that you can attempt in order to improve your chances of a good night’s rest. 


Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

The best way to ensure you have fewer sleep apnea episodes is to avoid smoking and drinking. Both can be dangerous for you because both can cause your throat to relax and collapse, causing more frequent episodes. With this condition, making sure that your air passage isn’t too relaxed is key, so avoid alcohol and smoking as it will pay you significant dividends. 

Clear Your Nasal Passage

The clearer your nasal passage is, the better chance you have of breathing easily during the night. If you can manage that, then breathing through the nose will make sleep apnea less likely to occur, especially since you’re more prone to run into problems when you breathe through your mouth. To fix this, use nasal sprays to clear up any blockage that you may have if blowing your nose isn’t enough to get the job done. Your doctor might also recommend that you use a continuous positive air pressure therapy (CPAP) mask in order to prevent your airways from collapsing.

Sleep On Your Side

When you sleep on your back and you have sleep apnea, you run a greater risk of sleeping with a blocked passage. This is because there is a higher chance for your tongue to lapse into the back of your throat and block your air passages. When you sleep on your side, you don’t have to worry so much about gravity causing your tongue to fall backward and block up your throat.

Elevate Your Head

Make sure your head is slightly elevated when you sleep, especially if you can’t help but sleep on your back. Not too high so as to make it feel awkward and misalign your spine, but high enough so that you can more efficiently process oxygen. Do this at around a 7-degree angle, and it will significantly improve your sleep apnea symptoms. It will help if you use wedge-shaped pillows as they will help you retain your position without blocking your airways.


For those who have sleep apnea, you can still enjoy a good night’s sleep on your San Diego mattress as long as you follow the steps mentioned above. 

Also, remember that sleep apnea is a serious but treatable condition, so talk to a health care professional regarding your condition.