Know the Truth: Squashing 4 Pervasive Myths Surrounding Your Mattress

There are many modern myths being whispered around Orange County. While most of these myths are harmless, there are some myths out there that may cause you to make poor decisions when it comes to your purchases. One such instance would be when you’re purchasing a mattress.

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding mattresses. For the most part, these myths stick around due to the lack of due diligence when it comes to research. If you will be hitting a mattress sale in the hopes of purchasing a new mattress in the near future, you may want to read and dispel the following myths from your thoughts to help you purchase the best mattress possible:


Mattresses are Essentially the Same

Just because Steve and Mary from two blocks down claim their bed is the greatest thing ever, it doesn’t mean you should get the exact same mattress they have. What works for someone else might not be best for you. After all, it isn’t practical to expect a mattress to feel the same and offer the same support to a 180-pound man and a 275-pound man.


Higher Price Means Better Quality

It’s natural to think that a higher price means better quality. Why would someone charge a higher price if the product isn’t amazing, right? The truth is you can find fantastic mattresses that don’t have exorbitant price tags. The key here is to do your research and test out mattresses. There’s no point in buying the most expensive mattress if it isn’t comfortable enough for you to get a good night’s rest.


Pillow-Top Mattresses are the ONLY Choice

Many people who sleep on pillow-top mattresses always claim it’s a much softer mattress. Although there is nothing wrong with purchasing one, don’t try to force the issue. There are many ways to recreate the plush feel of a pillow-top mattress with a traditional mattress and a separate cushioned pad. If you prefer that latter idea, don’t hesitate to drop by a respected mattress retailer like Mattress Sale Liquidators and speak to an experienced sales representative.


Firmer Mattresses are Best for Bad Backs

It makes sense to think that a firmer mattress will offer better support for those who suffer from back pain. Studies show, however, that a medium to medium-firm mattress might actually be better as they help align the hips and shoulders better, alleviating pressure from your lower back. Take the time to lie down on a mattress you’re interested in and take into account your sleeping position to help you figure out how firm your mattress should be.




Debunking Mattress Myths,