Looking at New Mattresses in San Diego? 4 Tips for Breaking Them In

Many people are purchasing mattresses in San Diego and just can’t wait to break them in. Unfortunately, the best things in life take time and that means you’ve got to be patient when it comes to breaking in your new mattress.

Why Do Mattresses Need a Break-In Period?

If you went shopping for mattresses in San Diego, you probably tested multiple mattresses before you decided on the right one for you to take home. You might be panicking that your new mattress in your home doesn’t feel the same way it did in the store. Fret not! It’s common to think that your new mattress feels firmer than it did at the store. Mattresses that are in the store have had time to settle. The key is patience. With time, your new mattress will feel just as comfy as it did when you first purchased it.

How Long Does it Take to Break-In a New Mattress?

According to Mattress Firm Sleep Expert Jill Smith, the break-in period for a new mattress can take anywhere between 21-30 nights of sleep.

Did you know that the average person spends about a third of their lifetime in bed? Our bodies need time to adjust to a new environment. Our bodies are also hyper aware of our surroundings and can sense when a mattress is starting to get soft or sag.

Just as it takes time to break-in to a pair of new shoes, so does a new mattress in San Diego.

Four Tips for Breaking In Your New Mattress

According to Sleep Expert® Jill Smith, there are four simple tips for breaking in your new mattress in San Diego.

🟦 Let Nature Do The Heavy Lifting

Your new mattress requires time to regain its original shape after enduring the shipping and delivery process. If your new mattress arrives at your address only a couple hours before your bedtime, you can tuck yourself into it that same night. Experts suggest letting it air out by holding off on placing a protector and sheets (only for an hour). If you are someone who is sensitive to environmental odors, Smith recommends putting a box of baking soda at the foot of the bed. The placement of baking soda on the mattress should help absorb any new, funky scents.

🟦 Add Pressure

Smith recommends breaking in the mattress foams and making the coils of the mattress used to pressure applied on them. How do you go about doing this? Try rolling around on the mattress, bouncing on it, or even walking on it with your bare feet. You can even make this a family event and get the kids to jump on the bed. If you have storage containers under your bed, try placing them on top of the mattress for a couple hours.

🟦 Keep Your Bedroom Warm

Regardless of what kind of mattress you buy, most mattresses manufactured today have some memory foam in them. Memory foam is very sensitive to heat and tends to soften when it is exposed to warm weather. This is why keeping the temperature of your bedroom on the warmer side can help speed up the break-in period for mattresses in San Diego.

🟦 Be Consistent

You need to sleep on your new mattress in San Diego nightly. Consistency in key. Your body needs time to adjust to your new mattress, and the mattress itself needs to adjust to your body weight.

Now that you have these tips at your disposal, you should be ready to break-in your new mattress! We wish everyone a comfortable sleep in their mattresses in San Diego.