Calling all Morning and Night People to Mattress Stores in Orange County

All different types of sleepers visit mattress stores in Orange County, but do they know if they are a morning or night person?

You may already know which category you’re in. If you are someone who is always looking at your phone in the wee hours of the night then you are definitely a “night owl” aka night person. Perhaps you are someone who has a regimented schedule and wakes up before the sun even rises. Congrats, you’re a morning person aka early bird.

You might be a night owl who yearns to become a morning person. There could be many reasons for wanting to make this change. You may have a job that requires you to wake up early, or you could just want to try making time to eat breakfast, journal, and meditate.

Maybe you are a morning person who wants a taste of sleeping in. Is it even possible to switch? In this article, we dive into the possibility of switching sleep routines and share advice on how to make the switch happen. The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock and is affected by your genetics and environment. So, is it possible for a night owl to become a morning person? Can a morning person turn into an early bird?

As we mentioned before, your body’s clock is pretty much determined by your genetics. That means that it can be extremely challenging to make the switch. While it’s not impossible, it’s going to take a lot of effort.

The key to making the switch is consistency. For example, if you are working on weekdays, aim to work the same shift instead of rotating. Maintain your sleep schedule even on weekends, or whenever you get a day off work.

Switching from a Night Owl to Early Bird

🟢 If you are on the path to becoming a morning person, you might crave naps along the way. If you find yourself needing a nap in the middle of the day after waking up bright and early, experts suggest napping for about 26 minutes. A nap that is 26 minutes long is more likely to make you feel refreshed and give you the strength to keep going about your day.
🟢 Ease into the process of changing your bedtime. Try moving it up by increments of 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Avoid pressuring your body to make huge changes.
🟢 Sunlight is your friend! Your body instinctively understands that it’s daytime when you expose yourself to sunlight.

Switching from Early Bird to Night Owl

Sleep deprivation is a serious matter. You want to be extra careful about the steps you take to safely become a night owl.

🟢 Be wary of caffeine. Coffee is not a healthy tool to use in order to stay up.
🟢 Perhaps you work a job that requires you to be awake at night, so you need time to sleep during the sleep. In this case, it might be helpful to sleep in a dark room with blackout curtains.
🟢 Lightbox therapy might be a helpful resource for morning people training to be night owls. It simulates night and day for sleepers. Experts recommend using a lightbox for about 30 minutes before you need to wake up for work.

Regardless of the path you are taking, you want to make sure that you are taking your time with the shift. Consider making the change over the course of ten to fourteen days.

How to Become a Morning Person

🟢 Blue light from cell phones affects your sleep and overall health. If you’re on the path to becoming an early bird, you’ll want to put away your phone and other screen devices at least an hour before bedtime.
🟢 Try not to nap after 4 pm
🟢 Put the coffee away after 3 pm
🟢 Make time to exercise on a regular basis. Working out helps boost the quality and quantity of sleep in adulthood.

How to Become a Night Person

🟢 Allow yourself micro naps throughout the day.
🟢 Eat your meals later in the day.

When you’re at the mattress stores in Orange County, you may want to remember these tips for changing your sleep habits. It won’t be an easy journey, but with the right mindset you can get there. If you want us to teach you how to get the best deals at the mattress stores in Orange County, you may read our blog Shop Like a Pro at the Mattress Stores in Orange County!