New Stearns & Foster Enhancements at Your San Diego Mattress Store

Stearns & Foster is a mattress maker with a long-standing reputation for high quality, innovation and luxury. Practically speaking, the brand didn’t have any competitor that came close to its sales numbers during its heyday in the late 1990s. Unfortunately, sales started to dip for the manufacturer as quality issues arose and competitors started cropping up in the market.

Faced with a difficult challenge, Tempur Sealy International, the company that has owned the Stearns & Foster name since the 1980s, sought to recapture the brand’s lost glory—first, by partnering with international design and consulting firm IDEO, and second, by consistently releasing a new line of mattresses that feature the latest innovation and enhancements in mattress-building technology.

Tempur Sealy’s partnership with IDEO yielded fresh new mattress designs that prove relevant to both the company and its customers. At the early stages of the partnership, IDEO obtained input from the top down, starting with Tempur Sealy’ partners and vendors and on to its employees and consumers. This helped IDEO get to the core of what Tempur Sealy needed to do to reclaim Stearns & Foster’s prestigious good name.

Last January 2016, Stearns & Foster released a new line, dubbed the Reserve Collection, which features updates to the brand’s Estate, Lux Estate and Lux Estate Hybrid Collections. The updates include:

  • IntelliCoil Advanced Coil Design

  • PrecisionEdge System

  • PrimaCool Performance Fabric

  • Advanced Adapt Foam


These four new features can also be found in the rest of the 2016 Stearns & Foster portfolio. You can check out these enhancements for yourself when you visit a San Diego mattress store that officially distributes Stearns & Foster products.

“We took a distinct, tailored direction toward evolving our Stearns & Foster product offering, resulting in unsurpassed innovation, quality, comfort and climate control to these world class mattresses,” said Scott Thompson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tempur Sealy. “When developing the unique and different Advanced Adapt Foam, we partnered with our chemical engineers to create something that would give these mattresses that special ‘Stearns & Foster feel’ – it’s substantial & enveloping, but still responsive.”

In San Diego, Stearns & Foster mattresses are sold by authorized sellers such as Mattress Sale Liquidators. Visit them at their location to experience the Stearns & Foster difference for yourself.



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