Orange County Mattress Sales Like Ours Don’t Come Along Every Day

If you’re an athlete, finding the right mattress can be the difference between a gold medal or a first place ribbon and being an also-ran. Even if you don’t compete at a professional level, but you still bike, lift weights, or play sports in an amateur league, you need to get a good night’s sleep, because recovery after physical activity is so necessary. Orange County mattress sellers might be telling you different things about what’s right for your body. You need to make an informed decision.

Celliant, Memory Foam, and High-Density Material

There are a ton of different beds on the market, made of so many different materials. At this point, many trainers and athletes swear by beds with a Celliant-infused cover. Celliant is supposed to have properties that promote health. Heat from your body is absorbed into the material and then transformed into infrared light. That light will then improve your metabolism and regenerative abilities, and it will oxygenate your body.


Thick layers of gel-infused memory foam are also beneficial. Memory foam has become popular because it holds the shape of your body, and it cushions areas where lactic acid tends to collect, which leads to your feeling sore after your workouts. When looking for memory foam in your mattresses, be sure to look for language that indicates your mattress is free of any toxic chemicals, hazardous material, and heavy metals like lead or mercury. If you’re purchasing a high-density mattress, make sure that the top layer has at least a four-pound density. You can find these in “luxury-foam” mattresses, but if you’re serious about your comfort, you should prioritize it.


If you see a combination of these elements: the use of Celliant in conjunction with memory foam, and a high-density rating, then you should have yourself a quality mattress that is going to give you the support you need. The cost might be a little more than with some other mattresses, but this goes beyond your comfort. You should be able to recharge your batteries, and you can’t do that with an inferior mattress.batteries, and you can’t do that with an inferior mattress.