Searching for the Right Mattress in San Diego for a Good Night’s Sleep

Finding the perfect mattress in San Diego can be a hassle, especially when you’re not certain of the particular kind of mattress you need or the price you’ll be willing to pay.  Because our bodies spend eight to nine hours on a mattress, it’s safe to say that having a good mattress is vital to your health. Here are some things about mattresses that San Diego natives should know.


Popular Name Brands 

According to customer reviews, the majority of people prefer a memory foam mattress or an innerspring mattress. The most popular innerspring mattress is the Traditional Innerspring Sealy, while the preferred memory foam mattress is also Sealy.

While the average price for a Sealy mattress can cost anywhere between $300- $3,000, the price depends on the particular type of the mattress, its condition, and where you purchase it. Customers seem more comfortable in choosing the name brand mattresses at a decent cost.

Keep in mind that on average, that while a mattress will last up to 10 years, the median salary for a San Diego native is around $50,900 annually, making this a significant investment.

Why a Good Mattress is Necessary

In San Diego, the third most common reason for a doctor visit is back pain. Although back pain can be caused by several different things, having the wrong or outdated mattress can make matters worse. Back pain has been the primary issue in sleeping on a bad mattress, however, there have been reports of neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and migraines. In fact, did you know that San Diego’s ninth most common reason for visiting a doctor are headaches?

Depression, asthma, and insomnia can also be caused by having the wrong mattress. On the other hand, having a great mattress can significantly increase your overall health. Reviews have shown that customers were able to stay asleep longer, and fall asleep faster. Some testified to waking up well rested and with more energy than the days before, allowing them to carry on, vibrantly throughout their day.

Sleep is vital to our existence, but sleeping comfortably is better.  You’ll find that you may also be more alert, aware, active, and smarter. Take charge of your nights with the perfect mattress in San Diego. Remember that it is essential to your health to have a comfortable, and durable mattress, whether you choose a well-known brand or not.


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