Super-easy Hacks To Make It Easier For You To Fall Asleep

Let’s face it, we all struggle with sleep after a long day at work! The frustration when we are exhausted but the moment we snuggle under our bedsheets we are both wide awake and our brains’ buzzing. Our worries are usually to blame – whether it be deadlines, a sick family member, a dispute with a close friend – you name it. Tackling all these anxieties is a lifelong process, and does not have a simple fix. If we work on some simple techniques, however, we can more easily dose of and help you get the much-needed rest that you deserve! 

Better sleep always results in good vibes, a nicer mood, and better productivity. Do you often fall asleep right away? If not read on to find the best tips that can help you have a sound good night’s sleep! These tips can help soothe your brain and body, and prepare you to get the ultimate rest:

Banish all tech 

Cut out the screen time both before and when you are in bed! Your eyes and mind need their own rest to help you fall asleep, so save your Netflix for the couch and your work for the desk. Keep your items at least ten steps away from your bed if you need to prevent any distractions.  

Block out the bright light 

What goes for screens goes for lights, no matter if it is coming from the outside or from your bedside lamp, block out bright lights! There are two tips that we recommend here, which are either investing in a silk eye mask or installing standard lights. The silk eye mask will blackout any light pollution coming into your room, helping your production of melatonin – the sleep-inducing hormone.  On the other hand, switching to the standard lights will bring softer light flows into your bedroom, helping those who need their nightlight still get their better sleep. Either way, you will have a sound sleep, so why not get some lamps and mattresses from mattress stores in Orange County

Yoga meditation

Do some yoga meditation or a healing mantra before falling asleep, as these exercises will promote relaxation in your mind and body and help you fall asleep more easily. You can also use some apps like MindSpace which will help guide you in your relaxation, but on the other hand, avoid listening to any audio that is not specifically geared to sleep and relaxation. 

Essential oil 

Essential oils can really do wonders for your room! It helps to create a full-body experience entering into sleep, as well as aligning your mind and body to ward off anxiety. There are a variety of options available, with either oil diffusers or incense sticks providing for a much more relaxing and salubrious environment. 

Buy a new mattress 

If your mattress is lumpy, saggy, or leaving you feeling cranky and stiff in the morning – it’s time to invest in a brand new mattress! You can go to mattress stores in Orange County and find the most reliable and affordable mattress that is best for you. You can choose from a variety of new mattress start-ups. 

Paint your room

If you are bored with the color that your room has, whether green, purple, blue, gray, pale beige whatever, it may be time for you to grab your favorite paint roller this weekend!  If painting your whole room is too ambitious you can have the same effect with the accent wall as long as it is facing your bed – for this is exactly what you see every time you fall asleep or wake up. Under the practices of feng shui, the accent wall is the most significant wall in your bedroom and should be treated accordingly. 

Fake a sunset 

According to sleep experts we are always supposed to have a good night’s sleep when the sun sets. Most of the time, however, we spend our nights basking in the light of gadgets, and our minds refuse to be shut down at the days end, so put aside your phone and take a moment to appreciate the sunset. If not, then get an affordable Philips Wake Up hat which can imitate a sunset for you! When set to sunset stimulation mode, it lowers the sound and decreases the light to assist you in preparing your mind and body for rest. 

Do the four-seven-eight

If you are not willing to spend your hard-earned cash on a sunset simulator, you can always try breathing exercises help you relax and fall asleep more easily.   

Breath in through the nose for at least 4 seconds, try to hold your breath for a maximum of 7 seconds, and then steadily breathe out through the mount for at least 8 seconds, repeating this process consistently until you fall asleep.

This is a natural process to help you fall asleep by slowing down your heart rate. The four-seven-eight process is often subtle at first, but the more you practice it, however, the more effective it becomes. The more you practice, the better it will work. 

Still wondering how you can get perfect sleep? Visit Mattress Stores in Orange County to turn your boring bedroom into a feng shui bedroom to provide the ultimate rest and sleep!