Create Space With These Loft Bed Ideas For Your Tiny Bedroom

Follow these genius loft bed ideas to turn your tiny bedroom into a spacious sanctuary!

You may think that lofting a bed is a particular trick reserved only for tiny houses and dorm rooms, and to be honest, that’s what I did! However, there are plenty of stylish loft ideas to save yourself a little bit more of the critical space. 

So here’s the good news! Whether you live in a cramped house or a stuffed office, we have some great loft-bed ideas that will save you some extra space for lounging, storage or working. These tips will help you make the most of your limited space! 

Brace yourself to take advantage of the high ceilings and create some comfy sleeping areas that are entirely on another level — literally! So let’s dig deeper into each of these options:

Storage Loft 

Let’s face it; we all need more storage space. Who doesn’t? To create more space, try a lofted bed with drawers, cabinets, and shelves underneath it. The design will assist you in organizing your room and creating more spaces to stash your books, clothes, and all other accessories. Make sure you hire some professionals to organize your cabinet beneath your bed! 

Office Loft 

We all dream of creating a home-based office, and the only thing that limits us is a scarcity of space. No matter how small your home is, now you can make your dream of having a home-based office come true. To create an office beneath a lofted bed all you need is some lighting, a slim desk, and a chair to get down to work. It’s efficient and extremely convenient! 

Closet loft 

When it comes to making extra space, there are endless options. If your closet has a high ceiling, you can easily add more storage – but should you really avail this opportunity to create a cozy and comfy bedroom? To help decide, check out the price of potential furniture! Get the most affordable items from Orange County mattress stores and design the best bedroom that you deserve! 

Protip – You can always store your stuff up there when you do not have your guests visiting you. 

Children’s room loft 

The only thing more fun than a casual bed is a lofted bed in your kids’ room. You can create a cozy area for naps and reading with plenty of toys underneath it. And best of all, it serves as an instant fort! 

Orange County mattress stores have the best bedding options for both kids and adults. Reach out to the nearest store to find out which one best fits your style. 

Sleeping Loft 

Seek professional help to carve out extra space under your roof to create that perfect Parisian garret. Just add a bed and railing if you are all set and already have a loft storage space.

Loft bed 

If building a DIY loft bed doesn’t attract you, and you don’t want to go through the whole process of building a loft, you can always get a loft bed from a major brand! Run some research to find out which one suits your style and provides you sufficient space to add a desk, a desktop, or storage. 

Choose a loft bed that matches the theme of your wall color, which will help it blend in and not look out of the blue. Invest in some high-quality bed lofts, which is affordable and durable, and visit Orange County mattress stores to get all your bedding items. 

Low Loft 

You do not always need to climb a ladder to get into your loft bed. If you are afraid of heights, and are likely to toss and potentially turn off the edge, feel free to choose a loft that is just a little off the ground. 

Bedroom Loft 

Still wondering how to create some extra space? If the answer is ‘yes,’ it’s time to take your whole bedroom to new heights. To make your studio feels like a one-bedroom apartment, create an entire lofted room and complete it with lightning, nightstands, and even a place for storage of books and clothes! 

There you have it, the most popular loft bed concepts. Do you have any loft bed ideas that we have not mentioned yet? Let us know!