The Choice Of The Right Mattress During Pregnancy Is Critical

It is said that a pregnant woman in Orange County is eating for two, but she sleeps for two as well. It’s always vital to have a comfortable mattress, but for women who are pregnant or believe that they might be, that old or lumpy mattress has to go. A full night of sleep is just what is needed for both mother and fetus. This is what else you should know about sleep and pregnancy.


First Trimester


During the first trimester, a woman’s level of progesterone is higher than usual. It has a soporific effect, so it is possible that a pregnant woman will want to sleep more during the day, even if this is something in which she does not usually engage. For this reason, a comfortable mattress is a must.


It is also possible for sleep to be disrupted at night. This can be due to napping during the day or changing hormone levels in the body. Women in the first trimester often report needing more trips to the bathroom during the night, and strange or lucid dreams are not uncommon.


Second Trimester


San Diego women in the second trimester of pregnancy can usually expect better sleep patterns than in the first. The body will have become acclimated to the rising hormone levels, and sleep onset problems should not be so acute. The urge to nap during the day should be less as well.


There are possible physical symptoms that can be uncomfortable in some cases. Heartburn occurs sometimes, and lying down can bring about acid reflux. Because pregnant women who reach this stage often like to sleep on their backs, it’s best to have a mattress that offers a substantial amount of back support.


Third Trimester


During the third trimester, the fetus grows very rapidly as the birth date approaches. Regrettably, aches and pains are often associated with these three months. That might include lower back pain or foot pain.


This may again disrupt the sleep cycle, San Diego, so in addition to having that new comfortable mattress, it’s not a bad idea to set up massage appointments. Light exercise and stretching before bed might also help to get rid of any stiffness or soreness with which the expectant mother is dealing.


By the time the baby is born, the mother is usually more than ready for a return to normalcy. If she purchased a new mattress to make this nine-month stretch easier, then she should enjoy it for a long time, as will the new baby until it’s time for a crib of their own.  

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