A Trip To A Mattress Store Could Be The Answer To Insomnia

San Diego residents should know that a new mattress can be the answer if they are turning and tossing every night. An old, worn out, or lumpy mattress isn’t going to do you any favors, so prioritize going to the mattress store to get a new one.



Sometimes, though, more than the mattress is the problem. You might have insomnia. Here’s what needs to be understood about this common ailment and what you can do about it.


Insomnia is a Widespread Problem


Insomnia can be most generally defined as spending an abnormal amount of time trying to sleep but being unable to do so. There are many potential reasons for it, and there are equally many things that you can do to try and solve the problem.




Insomnia can be caused by spending too much time on your phone, watching TV, or being exposed to other electronic devices before bedtime. The solution is to cut out the electronics at least an hour before bed.


Unwind by talking with a loved one, reading a book, or meditating on the day that has just passed and thinking about the one that is to come.


The Caffeine Factor


Too much caffeine can also lead to insomnia. The answer is to cut down or eliminate consumption of it.


If you’re not able to do that, set certain times of day and specific amounts that you will allow yourself, like one cup of coffee in the morning and one caffeinated drink at lunch. Don’t ingest any caffeine later than the afternoon, or you could be in for a restless night, San Diego.


A Regular Sleep Schedule


You should also avoid exercising too close to bedtime, napping during the day, and sleeping in too late on the weekends. There is a notion that you should “catch up” on sleep on Saturdays and Sundays, but doing so will disrupt your sleep cycle heading into the week.


Also, try to stick to a regular work schedule and set regular bedtimes. If you are on a rotating shift at work, see if there is any way to get set up with a steady routine. Not having one is a significant cause for insomnia, and it can wreak havoc on your body over time.


You should be looking for regularity in your routine and sleep schedule, San Diego, so do everything that you can to strive for that.


Go to the mattress store and get a more comfortable mattress if you think that’s the issue. Try out a noise-making machine or a phone app that drowns out traffic if you live near a busy street. You can even get yourself some blackout curtains for the windows if too much light is getting in.


Sleep is more important than we realize. By investing in a good mattress and making some life changes, you will be bettering your existence in many ways. With better sleep, you’ll feel energized each morning rather than stumbling your way through work.