Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Mattress

According to research, an average person spends one-third of his lifetime lying on the bed. It, therefore, makes sense to invest on things that would give you a comfortablsleep anytime during the day or night. If there’s something on top of anyone’s list, that’s probably the Orange County mattress.

Getting a good mattress is as important as choosing healthy food and drinks. When you sleep, you need a mattress that can properly support your body to prevent waking up tired and aching

So what are the things to consider when buying a new mattress? Let’s take a look at three of the most common types:


Innerspring Mattress

It usually lasts for as long as ten years depending on the quality of the materials that it’s made of. A good innerspring mattress has more resilient coils and denser padding. It often has two sides. Thus you can always flip it over. By doing this regularly, you’re distributing the wear and tear and making the mattress last longer.

As expected, your weight can also be a factor on how long it’s going to last.


Foam Mattress

Latex foam, memory foam, and polyurethane foam are the most common types of foam mattress. They can last for as long as 15 years depending again on the quality and the brand. It’s highly suggested you read customer reviews from reputable sites, so you’ll be guided in your buying decisions.

Unlike the innerspring mattress, the foam mattress does not need to be turned around frequently. You can simply flip it over, so your head lies on the part where the foot used to be. This can significantly reduce depression caused by your body weight.


Hybrid Mattress

There’s not much information yet as to the longevity of hybrid mattresses. Considering it combines some of the essential designs of the foam and innerspring mattress, a hybrid mattress may last longer. Often, a hybrid mattress has a thick, coil-wrapped padding with a core that’s made up of latex, gel, and foam.

Here are some signs you should be getting a new mattress:

·         You feel uncomfortable sleeping on it even after turning it around or flipping it over.

·         You often wake up tired and with an aching body.

·         Your mattress sags and its bed springs make a noticeable sound when you lie down.

·         You’ve had your mattress for quite a long time, and you’re already experiencing allergies.

·         If you’re over 40 and you’ve had your Orange County mattress for over ten years.


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