Three Things to Consider in Buying a Better Mattress for Your Home

Just like Goldilocks when visiting a bed or mattress store in San Diego, you’ll probably find mattresses that are either too firm or too soft before trying one that feels just right. The only difference is the sheer number of mattresses you have to try before finding the right one.

Since not everybody has the luxury of trying out every mattress just to find the perfect one for your home, here are some tips that can make your hunt a little easier.


Determine what you need in a mattress and how much you are willing to pay for it.

You have to do your homework if you don’t want to spend a whole day inside a mattress store. Mattresses have four known types: foam, innerspring, latex, and air-filled. Depending on why you want to buy a new mattress, these four types have their own sets of pros and cons.

You have to understand that the so-called miracle mattress your friend is raving about may not necessarily do wonders on your back. In the same way, buying the most expensive bed in the store will not guarantee that it’ll give you a good night’s sleep.

Based on your needs and own research, you have to narrow down the specific mattress type you think is best for you. Doing that will eventually give you a workable price range that will suit your budget.


Buy from a reputable mattress, bed, or furniture store.

Start your hunt for the perfect mattress in reputable stores like Mattress Sale Liquidators in Escondido or those that are found inside your local department store. This way, you are sure to meet a retailer who can answer all your questions honestly and give you the correct recommendation based on your mattress needs.


Try to lie down on your chosen mattress for twenty minutes before making the purchase.

Don’t be shy in asking the retailer to let you try the mattress. It is not enough that you run your hands and press the mattress down – you actually have to lie on it to determine how it feels. When you are trying a mattress, don’t just lie straight and rigid, adopt your favorite sleeping position and see if you are comfortable enough. You also need to try tossing and turning to get a better feel.

You don’t have to be too quick about it, either. Try the mattress for at least twenty minutes to get your body relaxed and get the true feel and support of the mattress.

With these tips in hand, you’ll surely find the perfect mattress in no time!



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