Tools To Kill Dust Mites According To Mattress Sale Experts In San Diego


Dust mites can be the bane of a good night’s rest if left unattended for too long. They can plague your mattress for long periods if you don’t deal with them efficiently. It can also cause serious problems for those who are allergic. If you want to avoid sleeping with such a large amount of pests, take steps to ensure that your bed will last as long as you need it to.


Here are some tools or agents that you can use to get rid of dust mites and bed bugs according to mattress sale experts in San Diego

Eucalyptus Oil

One means that you can use to get rid of dust mites would be eucalyptus oil. Such a substance is absolutely lethal to these insects and can efficiently purge your mattress of them if used correctly. Just make sure that if you want to get the most out of the oil, it’s best that you add some to water and then spray it onto your mattress with a spray bottle. This way, you can cover the sleeping space in its entirety.


If you want to get rid of dust mites and bed bugs on your San Diego mattress, there is another useful solution: Alcohol. It may not have the longer residual staying power as that of eucalyptus oil, but it’s still an option that can kill two different mattress pests. Denatured alcohol would be the best type for this task and should only be sprayed onto the mattress after you have soaked it in water and dried it out, leaving the bugs in a vulnerable state. 


A vacuum is also a very valuable tool against these pests as its powerful suction can draw them from deep within your mattress. Use different types of vacuums specifically designed to help with these specific kinds of issues. Also, make sure you vacuum the bottom and sides of the mattress to make sure that the bugs have no place to hide when you vacuum only the top. 

Baking Soda

Another substance that can get rid of pesky dust mites is baking soda. It can be a cheap and quick way to solve the problem if you have plenty of time to spare. Get a full box of baking soda and liberally sprinkle it all throughout the mattress to ensure that you cover every inch, nook, and cranny of your bed. Spread it around a bit more afterward just to make sure you’ve reached the important places. Once this is done, let the baking soda sit for a good few hours before taking a vacuum and sucking the baking soda off. Repeat this process on the other side, and you should be good to go. 


It cannot be stressed enough just how much harm dust mites can do against your bed and your body as well if you give them leeway through which they can fester. If you follow these steps, then such a problem can be avoided if you’re meticulous with your San Diego mattress