Why An Orange County Memory Foam Mattress Is What You Need

Why Choose Memory Foam

There’s a reason why memory foam is becoming more popular as the years go by in areas such as Orange county. It’s a mattress that provides incredible support to those that not only are looking to have a smooth and sound sleeping session but also helps others that are suffering from certain back pains or aches that can keep them up at night. In order to help understand how this can be, we need to a deep dive as to just what memory foam is and how it functions.


How it was started

Originally used by Nasa to help their astronauts survive exiting and entering the earth’s atmosphere, the very foam that we know today as memory foam went by the name of visco-elastic foam that soon began to be used in other practical appliances once scientists realized a use for it beyond helping their deep space explorations. 

The versatility of visco-elastic foam

It was very fortunate that these scientists realized the potential behind the material of future mattresses. When resting on memory foam, your spine will thank you for a great deal of pressure will not only be lifted off of it but will find support in the many positions that you could sleep in. If you’re looking for a mattress in Orange County, this is without a doubt the type to keep an eye out for. There are even many different types of memory foam that you can work with from, gel to plant-based if you’re feeling picky.

How it works

It also works well with how it can benefit those who are sleeping together. Because of the distribution of weight and how it can create mattress indentions, these orange county mattresses can make it so the mattress itself isn’t disturbed by any sudden movements or jolt of activity, making disturbing someone in their sleep difficult. But, if you’re worried that the body heat of you or your partner could warm up the mattress, then worry not! Memory foam mattresses have advanced so much these days to the point where you can remotely adjust the temperature to make them as cool or as warm as you desire them to be. 

From firmness to comfort

For those who experience some initial stiffness and unyielding firmness with the mattress, you shouldn’t need to worry. This is very common for an Orange County mattress composed of memory foam. It takes a few weeks at most for the mattress itself to get used and acclimated to your body so that it can eventually give way form around your shape and sleeping habits. When it eventually does, great comfort will be found. It also helps that it doesn’t particularly matter what position you sleep in whether it be on your side, front, or back, the foam will always adapt to whatever you need it to once you give it enough time. 

Perks and longevity

Adding on to the perks that these mattresses can give you, Such a unique mattress in Orange County can also last up to seven years without having to be cleaned due to an accumulation of dust mites that will inevitably gather on the surface. This makes taking your mattress in to get cleaned and keep it in optimal condition crucial so that it lasts as long as possible for your convenience. 


So when you go window shopping for a new mattress to sleep on, keep an open mind towards the idea of having a memory foam mattress being in your possession. Your spine’s comfort will be a satisfying feeling that will be hard to replicate.