Top Three Mattress Sale Myths that You Should Really Stop Believing

Purchasing a new mattress for your home is tricky enough without getting tangled with numerous myths that plague every mattress sale in Orange County. Of course, it is easy to trust a retailer from your local furniture or specialty mattress store but you have to realize that you would need to discern which mattress fits you the best. After all, you’ll be the one sleeping on it.

Here are the top three myths that are not helping you to find the perfect mattress fit.


All mattresses are created equal.

It shouldn’t matter what type of mattress it is as long as you are comfortable sleeping on it, right? Unfortunately, this kind of thinking opens up a whole slew of health problems as sleeping on the wrong type of bed can lead to muscle pains, chronic fatigue, and a very bad posture.

There’s a reason why mattress stores sell different types of mattresses, and it is not because they wanted get more of your money. Mattress types today are scientifically proven and tested by experts – from chiropractors to therapists to chemists (if you are hypoallergenic) and the specifications are not invented just because mattress manufacturers made something up to help sales.


Expensive mattresses are the best.

Just because you spent a couple more dollars on your mattress does not necessarily mean it is better. Just like in mentioned above, quality, comfort, and support do not always go hand in hand with the price tag. Most of the time, a reasonably priced mattress is much better than a branded mattress – it is durable and gives the same level of comfort and support without breaking the bank.

A great example of this is trying to buy an innerspring mattress. Most retailers will tell you that the higher the number of coils there are, the better support it gives (and the pricier it gets). But real sleep experts will tell you that after 390 coils you won’t feel the difference.


Box spring is a must.

Don’t be bullied into buying a box spring! Some people will say that a proper bed must always have a box spring, but that is not entirely true. You really don’t have to purchase a box spring along with your mattress if you don’t want to. As long as you have a solid support base, sleeping on just the mattress can be just as restful and safe.

Don’t be tricked into spending more money that you need to spend when it comes to buying a mattress. It is quite easy to end up purchasing the wrong mattress. Doing your homework before shopping for a new mattress will surely help you choose the right one.



7 Mattress Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now,