Up All Night?

Have you ever thought I could get a great night of sleep if it wasn’t for my partner?  A surprisingly high percentage of long-term couples report that their partner prevents them from getting their best sleep.  Luckily, a stop at one of the mattress stores Orange County has available may improve your problem.  If you’re up all night (and don’t want to be), then read on for our tips on fixing sleep for couples.


The Problem

About 12% of couples report sleep difficulties so severe that the partners sleep in different beds.  What are some of the complaints?

  • snoring

  • temperature preference differences – one person needs it hotter or colder than the other

  • blanket thieving

  • mattress firmness/softness preference differences

Add kids, who may have sleep problems of their own, into the mix, and you’ve got a potentially serious lack of sleep that can occur.  Luckily, there are several strategies you can employ to address these issues.


Sleep Better With Your Sweetheart

Some of the fixes are fairly straightforward: if your partner snores, you can either address the cause of the snoring with technology like nasal strips, or you can keep yourself from hearing it with a quality pair of earplugs.  (In the case of snoring, however, be sure that the snoring partner is evaluated for potentially serious medical conditions like sleep apnea.)  Temperature differences can sometimes be resolved at the same time as the “blanket thieving” issue, with an unusual, but highly practical, European solution: use separate blankets.  For example, if you and your partner share a queen or king-sized mattress, invest in two twin-sized duvets.  This way, each person has adequate blankets.


Get A Better Mattress

What if your partner likes a firm mattress and you prefer a firmer one?  That’s where a visit to a quality mattress store comes in.  Many mattress companies nowadays offer mattresses whose firmness can be customized.  If that’s not in your budget, take your partner with you to the mattress store and see if there’s another style of mattress that works for both of you.  For example, memory foam mattresses don’t transfer motion as much as some traditional inner-spring mattresses, and many people find they are comfortable even though they provide a different feel than traditionally “firm” mattresses.  There’s no way to know without giving new mattresses a try!

While “don’t go to bed angry” might be a cliche, protecting excellent sleep for both of you really is an important investment.  Couples with adequate rest report being happier and more satisfied in their relationship.  Don’t suffer for love–there’s no reason to put up with another day of uncomfortable sleep.  With the proper mattress and a little creative thinking, both you and your partner can enjoy feeling well-rested and happy.



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