What’s the Deal with Napping?


If anybody tells you that naps are exclusively for babies, then they are definitely living under a rock! Naptime is a great way to recharge and restore your energy, especially if you own one of the best San Diego mattresses money can buy. The benefits of napping are numerous, but some people might worry about not being able  to get another sleep throughout the day or week if they take this short nap in between work hours! However, there’s no need to fret because studies show that over 90% Of US adults have taken at least one daytime snooze by now so you’re definitely not alone when it comes down to sleeping during unusual moments such as lunch break (or even while watching TV). Here is what you might not know about an afternoon snooze:

Napping is a better way to stay alert than drinking caffeine because it doesn’t affect your memory performance. 

In other words, while you may feel more awake after consuming the same amount of coffee as someone who drank nothing at all – you’re also prone to making more careless mistakes when you’re tired! So forget about Starbucks for once and invest that cash that you could be using on a brand new San Diego mattress.

The vast majority of mammals are polyphasic sleepers, including humans.

Polyphasic sleepers are animals who fall asleep and wake up at different times, usually during the day. This leads to better concentration and performance in tasks where there is a lot of mental demand, such as studying or working at high speeds with little interruption from others around them.

Sleeping during the day does not make up for lack of sleep during the night.

While napping is healthy, sleeping during the day does not necessarily make up for the lack of sleep that occurred at night. The human brain has an innate pattern requiring seven hours of rest per 24-hour period; any less than this can lead to trouble with cognitive functions such as memory retention or decision-making skills. You have probably pulled all-nighters in high school and in college assuring yourself that you will just take a nap during the day to make up for it, but you should avoid this at all costs. It is not only bad for your state of mind but also for your physical health.

Napping is a common occurrence in many European cultures, especially in the Netherlands.

This custom has been prevalent since before recorded history and likely played an important role in people’s health. If only they had a San Diego mattress store all the way over there.

It’s a-okay to nap at work if you’re a Google employee.

Google’s offices are known for their luxury and there is no exception with the nap pods. These sound-proofed areas have tinted glass ceilings, which not only block out light but also absorb noise so you can take a much-needed power nap in peace!

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