How to Get Better Sleep in Hot Weather

As citizens of the beautiful Orange County, we are no strangers to hot weather, especially during the spring and summer months. If this is the time of the year that you cannot stand because you find it more difficult to sleep, you are not alone. Studies have shown that people who sleep in hot weather actually suffer from more ailments than those with normal temperatures. The good news is there are ways that you can better cope with the warmer weather without losing your mind. Here are some tips straight from one of the most reliable mattress stores in all of Orange County.


Keep some water nearby

More heat obviously means more need for hydration. A tall glass of water should do the trick just fine! Without it, you are more likely to experience headaches and feel worse overall. You’ll be taking more aspirin which can lead you to take a trip to the local drug store and spend a bit more money than you need to. That’s a little bit of money you could be using to get a great deal at one of our Orange County mattress stores!

Use a fan

Get a fan or two to cool your room down if you don’t want to use the AC. This will help lower your electricity bill as well as make less of an environmental impact. Just make sure isn’t it too close to your bed, because dust and pollen might get into your nose and throat, which would be bad news for you and your doctor!

Ditch the PJs

Sleeping nude has shown to have some positive effects, including better sleep, better quality of skin, and enhanced male fertility. Having too much body temperature at night can decrease your quality of sleep, and wearing pajamas in hot weather can do just this. We understand that this may not be doable for some people, as you may have roommates or family members within close proximity of your bed. 

Consider a lower bed

In the U.S., most of us use mattress frames, but apparently, it is cooler to put your mattress on the floor. If you’re not sold on this idea, you can also try a frame that is lower to the ground.

Take a cool shower before bed

Some people prefer to take their baths or showers in the morning only, but if it’s been particularly hot out lately, then you might want to consider switching up your routine for the time being – simply for the sake of your sanity!

Remember to switch off the screen time!

We’ve previously touched on this topic before in a previous blog, and this goes for whatever climate you live in, but it is especially crucial during this time. If you’re already struggling to sleep in the heat, don’t make the equation even worse! 

The takeaway

While we wish we could control the weather, we can only assist you in finding the perfect mattress for you. That’s why you should come on over to one of the highest-rated mattress stores in Orange County – Mattress Sale Liquidators! We’ll make sure that you’re walking out smiling with the best deal you can’t get anywhere else in SoCal!