Which Of These Models Holds The Title Of Mattress King?

There are lots of different criteria for judging the best mattresses in Orange County. You can tackle the issue from the standpoint of the price range, overall customer satisfaction, length of warranty, or any of several other things. This is our short list of what we consider to be some of the best mattress brands and styles on the market in Orange County today, taking into account multiple different factors.



Serta iComfort Savant III Plush


Serta is a well-known mattress brand, and the iComfort line have been top sellers for a while now. The Savant III Plush has a ten-year warranty and a 120-day return policy, both of which are more than respectable. However, it’s more on the expensive side than several other options.


You’re paying for quality: this third generation of the iComfort mattress comes in either firm or plush models, and you’re getting memory foam, gel foam, and polyfoam. There’s also a few complaints of the mattress “sleeping hot,” which is a significant determining factor for some people.


Amerisleep AS3


The Amerisleep AS3 might be our top overall pick. Of the three that made this list, it’s the most affordable regardless of where in Orange County you get it, and it’s the standout memory foam model that is spoken of favorably in many circles.


It’s extremely comfortable, with lots of attention paid to detail. The cover is made from Celliant, which is supposed to provide a more comfortable night of sleep, and it’s a claim that’s hard to dispute. The FDA recommends it, and that’s something that neither of the other two on this list can say. The Bio-Pur memory foam that they use in the interior provides a responsive and breathable design that will keep you cool and will let you move around easily without “feeling stuck.”


Simmons Beautyrest Black Ice Phoebe 13’’ Plush Mattress


Simmons brings some serious luxury to the table (or the mattress), but you’re going to be paying the most out of these three for it. This memory foam mattress is great for side sleepers, and if you prefer that position and have the money to spend, you should at least look into this model. It comes with four layers that are meant to provide comfort, cooling, and support in equal measure.


With the technology at work, you are indeed likely to get a sound night of sleep. However, the cost will be prohibitive for some, and there are also a few reviews that indicate this model retains heat, an unforgivable design flaw at this price.


You can head to the mattress stores in the Orange County-area and check out these models, and then you will be in a position to judge for yourself. There are no bad picks out of this group, but you won’t know which works best for you until you lie down on them and choose one for a multiple-night home trial.


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