15 Space Saving Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Sleek, stylish and game-changing design solutions for your small bedroom. 

Frankly, a small confining room can be unliveable and unfit for most people. But sometimes we can’t do anything about the size of our bedroom. The good news is that some strategic styling and creative organization can make your petite space look bigger.

These tips will allow your space to become your refuge after a long day and will make it stylish enough to show off. Our 15 game-changing decorating ideas will make you believe that size doesn’t matter:

Use the walls

Instead of taking up floor space, you can install wall-mounted shelves in order to organize your things. This will allow you to move things like lamps and papers off of bulky side-tables and make room for all the necessities.

Use all available surface space

One of the challenges of having a small bedroom is finding a place to put everything because the bed will often take up most of the space. If there are no available tables or drawers, you can utilize a window sill in a pinch. 

Use fancy wallpaper

Bold, bright wallpaper can produce an interesting effect in a smaller sized room. It will give your space a sense of personality. You can make a nice statement without overwhelming the whole space. Just select a particular area to highlight the fun print.

Create a cozy atmosphere

Embrace the coziness of your room and place transparent curtains around the bed to make it more private and comfortable. Add decorative elements to the walls in the form of paint, artwork, or wallpaper.

Abandon the headboard

Less is more, especially in small bedrooms. Avoid owning headboards on beds and have a minimalist approach to bed frames in order to encourage more space for other things. This simplistic style will also add to the tone of decor. 

Pay attention to scale

Every item must be carefully placed in order to make a smaller bedroom appealing. For example, a narrow bedroom table is perfect for tiny corners. Since the narrow table is on the thinner side, make sure the two-tiered table on the other side of the bed provides extra surface space. They will go perfect with wall art. 

Use strategic furniture

Lucite is your best friend in a small space. Choose a transparent table in order to make the room feel bigger. This kind of furniture will give the illusion of not taking up space and it will add a nice contemporary style to the decor. 


The design of each bedroom element must meet the needs of the owner with a sense of functionality and style. This is a guaranteed way to make sure your bedroom is everything you want. For smaller bedrooms, customize furniture with built-in nightstands, drawers, or cabinets to save a lot of space.

Lay out all your linen

Since your bed will take up most of the space in a small room, you should focus on the presentation. Laying out your linen in a particular way will create a stylish and fluffy array. The plush linen, combined with a pile of pillows, and a cozy mattress from the San Diego mattress store will make your bed look like a comfy cloud.

Reduce your bed size

If you need to sacrifice the queen-sized bed, don’t worry. Single beds offer the same level of comfort in order for you to have a restful sleep. 

Use bigger (and less) furniture

This may seem counter-intuitive, but having only a few big furniture items in a small space (rather than a lot of smaller furniture items) makes it feel grander. Resist the urge to push all furniture against the wall. If you let the furniture exist naturally, it will make the room look fuller.

Put things under your bed

If you don’t have enough closet space, you can always use the space under your bed for storage. You can either install drawers or buy some short, plastic cubbies to slide underneath. If you want more coverage for your things, buy some sealable containers that you can stack on top of one another. 

Use lighter colors

Lighter colors make a room look and feel airier. Add size to your bedroom with subtle patterns and neutral accents. Also, add a cozy mattress from a mattress store in San Diego for extra comfort.

Use mirrors

Create a vibrant style for the bedroom. Combine traditional and modern decorative elements and a cozy mattress from the mattress store in San Diego. To highlight the room’s personality and make it feel bigger, lean or attach a long mirror against the wall. 

Make use of built-in furniture 

Built-in bookshelves can give you some extra storage space without the need to push clumsy furniture into the room. Add a painting that covers the walls to bring a sense of style and movement to the room. 

Above are all our favorite small bedroom decoration ideas, please tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section below!