3 Bad Habits To Avoid When You Are On Your Orange County Mattress

When you’re trying to enjoy and relax on your Orange County mattress, then there are many things you should avoid bringing with you into bed to enjoy full rest. Some of these can be dirty enough to sully and stain the mattress you worked so hard to purchase, while others may distract you from sleep and limit the amount of meaningful rest that you can achieve. Let’s go over some of these objects and why they can be detrimental to your sleeping experience.


A pet

When it comes to pets sleeping on your bed, it may seem nice to include them where you sleep. But there’s a good reason why people have dog and cat beds specifically for their pets. Animals such as cats and dogs unintentionally leave hair behind on your bed, which can ruin your sleep experience, especially if their hair winds up on your eyes or mouth. It can also be a problem if they aren’t completely potty-trained and wind up dropping ‘accidents’ on the bed, leaving behind not just a stain but a horrid smell to keep you up at night.

Your Phone

This may sound a bit cliche, but using your phone when you’re trying to sleep can be a terrible decision to make. There may come a time when you’re trying to sleep, but your mind can’t help but wonder. You might end up waking up several times so that you can use your phone and satisfy that curiosity. This ruins your sleep pattern, thus makes it harder for you to fall back to sleep. 


It may sound like a fanciful thing to eat on the bed every now and then or when you have a TV in your room, and you can’t help but crack open a drink to enjoy the show. Remember that stains and crumbs won’t be too far behind on your Orange County mattress. The former will permanently leave a mark on your mattress and possibly leave behind a smell depending on what exactly it was that you spilled. The latter can also get stuck into your mattress and possibly attract pests and insects that would love nothing more than eating the crumbs and making themselves at home.


If you’re looking for ways to make your Orange County mattress last longer and improve your sleep, then avoiding these bad habits can go a long way in reaching that goal.