A Buyer’s Guide In Choosing The Best Orange County Mattress

It’s quite challenging to get a good night sleep on a lumpy, old or uncomfortable mattress. Since we spend about a third of our day in bed, sleeping or tossing and turning, will depend mainly on the type of Orange County mattress we have.


Sleep experts agree that when it comes to getting a new mattress in Orange County, comfort and support are the two most important factors to consider. The mattress should be firm enough to align our spine, and it should be soft enough to give our muscles comfort as we relax and sleep.


The topic of comfort is, of course, wholly subjective as some people consider it relaxing to sleep on a mattress that is firm as a rock and others can never sleep unless they do so on an extremely plush bed.  The idea of comfort preference can also change over time, as we age, and as we gain or lose weight.


Why A Good Mattress Matters


Speaking of comfort, the reason behind why our mattress choice has a lot to do with how well we can relax, sleep and be comfortable, has something to do with the network of capillaries that’s underneath our skin.


If we lie or sleep on a particular position for an extended period of time, the weight of our body reduces the blood flow to those vessels, so our skin is deprived of its much-needed oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, it sends some signals to our brain that our skin is somehow in pain, and so we roll over. Although it does relieve pain and restore blood flow to the area, rolling over can almost always interrupt our sleep.


What Is The Best Mattress For You?


Although a well-constructed Orange County mattress made of high-quality materials can provide enough support, not every individual has the same level of need. In other words, comfort doesn’t always come from choosing the highest tech-brand or the most expensive mattress.  Instead of focusing on price and brand name, think of what you really want in a mattress. Selecting one is really a personal choice, something that you need to do by testing it.


Try to take a Goldilocks approach when buying a mattress, especially those who are experiencing neck or back pain. Choose a mattress that can relax your muscles, relieve and comfort our body’s pressure points such as the knees, hips, shoulders, and head, while ensuring that it won’t “sink at the hips.” Meaning, select a mattress that’s not too soft nor too hard.


Here are a few suggestions:


For those with neck and back pain: Give your spine the perfect balance of support and comfort by choosing a medium-firm mattress or a firm mattress with a soft pillow.


For those with breathing and heartburn problems: an adjustable bed can be a good buy. It will help people with COPD breathe easier and will help people with GERD fend off nighttime heartburn attacks.


For people with asthma or allergies: a hypoallergenic bed can make all the difference but since there’s no scientific evidence to support that there really is a hypoallergenic bed contrary to what most mattress manufacturers claim, investing in a washable mattress encasing is more prudent and wise instead.


Other Considerations


Sleeping position is another facet we need to consider in choosing a mattress as an average person can change positions 35-40 times even during a regular night’s sleep. For side sleepers, choose a mattress that would allow for deformations to ensure that the contours of your body are well-supported. For back sleepers, select a mattress that can support your neck and upper back. Don’t forget to throw in some proper pillows with it.


Test Before You Decide To Buy


Like purchasing a car, it’s always best to “test drive” a mattress before buying it from any reputable mattress stores in Orange County. You wouldn’t want to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something without trying it first.


Go to a trusted mattress store and test nap the mattresses you’ve narrowed down from your list. Lay down on the mattress for at least 20 minutes to get a feel of what it’s like to sleep on it.


Or if you want a more realistic approach in testing, get a feel of the different beds you sleep on at hotels when you travel. If you get an exceptionally good night’s sleep on a particular one, request for its brand or name from the desk clerk.


When testing, make sure it feels comfortable especially on the side you favored most when sleeping. You should have enough of its support where you need it most.


Does A Mattress Expire?


The lifespan of a mattress is seven to eight years; however if your body is already telling you that it is time for the mattress to go, then listen to it. Like if you’re feeling some pain or stiffness regularly or you can sleep better after you spend a night away from home, then it’s an indication that perhaps it’s time to go shopping for a new mattress.z