Top Secrets To A Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng shui bedroom – where love meets romance!


An elegantly designed feng shui bedroom promotes the flow of sensual and vibrant energy. It invites you, excites you and lures you at the same time. Whether you want to make some passionate love or to have a good night sleep or a quick nap, a feng shui bedroom is pleasurable and fun to be in.




Feng Shui means “wind and water.” With its roots in thousands of years old Chinese philosophy, feng shui enriches harmony and balance in a place while allowing the chi to flow in. The elements of feng shui bedroom designs are meant to bring the right energy (or Chi’i), and comfort to every room in our home. It promotes family harmony, creativity, and romance.


Follow these tips to turn your uninspiring and chaotic bedroom into the sensual and serene sanctuary of your dreams. You should check Orange County mattress stores to get the ultimate mattress for your room.


Romantic feng shui bedroom color scheme


The color scheme of feng shui bedroom is meant to promote love and romance. Classical feng shui bedroom colors are white, pink, and red. However, it’s not practical to decorate your bedroom with such a limited palette. You can blend soothing neutral tones with feng shui colors to give your bedroom a perfect look. To create harmony, you can also add color schemes such as peach, rust, or ivory. Choose red or pink artwork to improve its color theme. To enhance it’s romantic look further, you can add some luxurious feng shui throws,  pillows, or sheets.


Red or pink flowers can do magic. They are especially useful for romantic fragrance in your bedroom.


Use feng shui romantic symbolism


Feng shui decor is more than just color or furniture that you use. When it comes to your bedroom, some designs and symbols are believed to enhance the energy of romance.


Add paired decoration items. The symbol of the “two people” is crucial for the design of feng shui bedrooms. Swan images are particularly promising. They symbolize purity, beauty, grace, union, love, elegance, balance, dreams, transformation, and partnership.


You can also add art that evokes love and relationships. Hanging up the classic art of love relationships is a must-have for romantic feng shui. Avoid art and decoration that indicate unpleasant emotions or loss.


Light it right


Flexibility is the key when it comes to your feng shui bedroom lighting. You need natural light during the calm days, soft and soothing lighting in the evening and darkness while you are asleep. Apart from the positive vibes and energy it imparts, exposure to the natural light is the first thing that can affect serotonin level in the morning and your energy for the rest of your day. Invest in some high-quality curtains that can easily be opened to greet the morning sunshine and closed for cocoon-like ambiance as the night falls.  


Always use candles; it is a must. Candles do not only enhance the color scheme but also add a romantic atmosphere. When adding the artificial source of lighting, try to add illumination from a variety of sources. Choose desk lamps, wall and swing arm lights, or chandeliers suspended from bedside tables. Your bedside lamp should be dimmable and soft to achieve a romantic atmosphere. You can add additional romantic lighting with LED candles that can be purchased with a timer and remote control for worry-free mood lighting.


Choose romantic luxury linens


Sheets are the most crucial items in a romantic bedroom. The love element of feng shui is the earth – which means that natural fabrics and neutral-colored sheets can enhance the romantic energy of the bedroom.


The most romantic sheets, even if they are not expensive, should feel magical and luxurious. Visit Orange County mattress stores to get the complete bedding set with blankets, bed and pillows, romantic colors in feng shui.


Let go of the laptop, phone, TV or fitness equipment in the bedroom


When you have these items in your bedroom, the energy of a good feng shui bedroom will be destroyed, let alone they are dangerous for health. Say a big ‘NO’ to all the gadgets and fitness equipment when styling your feng shui bedroom.


In addition to creating high EMF (harmful to your health), they also bring stress, and distraction and bad news about your relationship (with yourself or someone you love).


Create a sensual haven


Make your feng shui bedroom your sensory treasure box by adding things that are appealing to your senses. In addition to styling a room that is beautiful, fill your bedroom with things that you love to touch, smell, hear, and taste.


Pay attention to the air quality in the bedroom. Use essential oils to purify the air. Make sure you choose essential oils which have healing properties. Avoid fragrance oil; they are often toxic.  Be mindful of the fragrance, because if the air you inhale is stale, you can not have a good feng shui.


Enclosed bedroom energy


Keep all doors closed at night, whether it’s the bedroom door, your wardrobe doors, an en suite bathroom door. It will provide the best and most nourishing energy flow to strengthen your health and relationship. Keeping your bedroom closet clean and tidy will further create a sense of serenity and calm in your bedroom.


The idea of ​​a perfect feng shui bedroom is all about happiness, harmony, love, and dreams. In a good feng shui bedroom, each item clearly reflects love, healing, and relaxation. Make sure you do your best when styling your ultimate romantic feng shui bedroom.


If your bedroom is far from being a good feng shui bedroom, don’t worry. Start small and know that with consistent steps and clear plans, you will soon create an ultimate feng shui bedroom. You can visit Orange County mattress stores to get an affordable mattress for ultimate comfort.