Adults Seek Out Mattress Stores In Orange County

When we’re younger, we’re more pliable, but as age, everything becomes more brittle. Unfortunately, that is why it’s so common for older people to break a hip or another lower body part if they slip and fall. When we’re younger, we might have been able to withstand it, but as older adults, that flexibility decreases. Because of that decreased bone density, it’s important as an older person to be sleeping on the right mattress. Luckily, there are plenty of mattress stores in Orange County.

What’s A Good Mattress For Older Adults?

For older adults, the best mattress is one that finds common ground between comfort and support. That means the surface must feel soft enough to cushion, but firm enough so joints and muscles will be cradled safely. Some of the better materials for such a mattress are natural latex and memory foam. Natural latex has a little bit of spring to it. It recovers its shape very quickly after a person gets up from it. The only thing to watch for is whether it’s too soft for you as an older person. As always, it’s best to go to the store and try it out. Lie down on your stomach or back; change positions and gauge your comfort level.


The best feature of memory foam is how pliable it is. If you sleep on your side, this might be your best option. If you’re not used to it, though, there may be an adjustment period. Allow a few weeks to see if the support and comfort levels are ideal. There’s often a money-back guarantee offered for most styles and brands, so you don’t have to be married to a decision. If memory foam isn’t for you, you can always try something else.


The other option worth mentioning is a European box-top mattress or a pillow-top. These mattresses will gradually compress and conform to the body’s natural weight. There’s also such a thing as an innerspring coil mattress that has a top layer of memory foam or latex. This might be the answer if none of the previous options feel quite right to you. With these, you should get the right amount of support, and comfort as well.


Find What’s Right For You

It can be a bit tricky locating the perfect mattress, especially if you have muscle or joint problems that are exacerbated by age. Probably the best thing is to go mattress shopping and test out a few of them. Explain your condition to a salesperson, and they will likely have further recommendations. A good night of sleep is critical. Do what’s needed to seek one out.