Different Types of Pillows for San Diego Mattresses

Once you have finished shopping for mattresses in San Diego, you may want to start considering accessories to buy – specifically pillows. There are several distinct shapes and sizes of pillows that you can buy in stores and online. 


Common Pillow Options

San Diego mattress experts know that it is important for sleepers to have the right accessories for their bed. Let’s explore the different pillow options that you can choose from.


The down pillow is named after the down feathers that are typically used as a filler. Feathers are much softer than cotton and synthetic material. If you sleep on your stomach, you may take a liking to the down pillow. This type of pillow offers high moldability and is very durable. Unfortunately, you will want to steer clear of down pillows if you think you could have an allergic reaction to the feathers. Down pillows are also difficult to clean and maintain compared to other types of pillows.

Down Alternative 

If you want a pillow that has the softness of down feathers and is easier to clean, you may want to look into buying a down alternative. Usually, the alternative to feathers as a filler in this pillow is polyester. Polyester is durable, easy to clean, and people who are allergic to feathers can appreciate it as an alternative material.


There are many benefits to having cotton pillows for your new mattress in San Diego. These pillows are light, affordable, and safe because they are free of allergens. For individuals who are allergic to synthetic materials like polyester, cotton is the right choice for pillows. Keep in mind that cotton pillows require regular cleaning. The filler material always has a tendency to clump over time.  


Did you know that latex comes from a natural material found in rubber trees? The material is durable, moldable, and also very soft. The only downside is that latex pillows are a bit expensive. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are made of a combination of polyurethane and other various chemicals. Memory foam offers high levels of comfort and is capable of conforming to the shape of a sleeper’s neck and head. If you sleep on your side, memory foam is the best option for pillows. The only downsides of this type of pillow are the retention of body heat and possible issues with the material’s level of breathability.


Usually, an innerspring pillow consists of an outer layer of either memory foam or polyester and an inner layer made of steel springs. This type of pillow can keep you cool and offers effective support for the head and neck. For individuals who sleep on their backs, an innerspring pillow is the best option. The downside is that this type of pillow is on the expensive side.


This type of pillow is softer than you might think, judging by its name. Usually, bamboo pillows are made of shredded foam. The outer layers consist of shells made from bamboo. Bamboo pillows offer moisture absorption and have antimicrobial properties. They also offer temperature regulation and are fairly easy to clean. 


Polyester is an affordable, lightweight material and causes less allergic reactions than other materials like feathers. The downsides of polyester pillows are that some people report issues with its level of breathability and feel that the material is not very durable.


Buckwheat pillows are a rather unique type of accessory. They have fillers that are made of buckwheat shells. These shells provide pillow filling that is breathable and moldable. The main downside of buckwheat pillows is that the material can make some noise when you try to adjust your head or body while sleeping.


Microbead pillows are an excellent alternative to buckwheat pillows. They are made of uniform polymer particles. These pillows are capable of conforming to the shape of a sleeper’s head. The only drawbacks to microbead pillows are that they do not last as long as other pillows, and they can cause heat retention.


Wool pillows provide comfort and warmth. They are also hypoallergenic and can be used in all seasons. If you want to sleep warm and do not care so much for a pillow that can hold its shape, wool is a viable option.


Shopping for mattresses in San Diego is a challenge in and of itself. You can make shopping for pillows easier when you know what kind of material is right for you. When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, you need a high-quality pillow.

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