How Much Do Orange County Mattress Stores Sell Beds For?

Are you wondering how much beds cost at Orange County mattress stores? More specifically, do you want to know why mattresses are even more expensive than other pieces of furniture? In this article, we explore the reasons why.


Mattresses are an important part of our health and lifestyle. We spend about a third of our lifetime sleeping, which is a significant amount of time. 

If you have ever slept on an uncomfortable mattress, you know how painful it can be to experience a restless night. That is why it is so important that people invest in quality mattresses. 

Top Reasons Why Mattresses Can Be Expensive

When it comes to browsing beds at mattress stores in Orange County, you may be surprised at the cost. There are different reasons why mattresses can be costly. Let’s dive into the factors that impact the price of a mattress.

Mattresses Last For Years

Even though mattresses can be a significant upfront cost, they can last in your home for as long as ten years. When you think about it, there are not as many things in your home that you use as routinely as your mattress. It is worth spending a bit more money when it means that you can ensure good quality sleep at night.

Mattresses Require Support

You need to consider the cost of a bed base in addition to the mattress you purchase from an Orange County mattress store. Yes, you need a base for your bed because the last thing you want is to have mold growth from laying your mattress on the floor. 

If price is a major concern for you, you can pick out an inexpensive base or buy a platform bed. A platform bed is cost effective because it does not require additional support from a box spring or foundation. You could also try saving some money by purchasing a mattress bundle. 

Shipping Can Be Costly

Mattresses are one of the larger pieces of furniture you put in your house, which means shipping and installation costs can be costly. In general, the larger a mattress is, the more costly it will be. Of course, mattress prices also depend on the material the bed is made of. You could choose to buy a mattress in a box in order to save some money. These types of mattresses are vacuum-sealed which makes them easier to maneuver than traditional mattresses.

If the price of mattresses in stores seems too high, you should consider buying a second-hand mattress. In many cases, a secondhand mattress has been broken into by a previous owner which makes it comfortable to sleep on. You could always take a mattress from someone you trust such as a friend or family member, but you can also buy a secondhand mattress from the store. 


Even though beds at mattress stores in Orange County can seem pricey, you must remember that the mattress you buy is an investment for your health and well-being.