Not Getting A Good Night Sleep? It’s Time To Hit A Mattress Store

If you’re having trouble sleeping or you’re sore or stiff when you roll out of bed in the morning, then one obvious solution for San Diego residents is to head to the mattress store. Your worn out mattress might be the problem, and getting yourself a new one could be what it takes to get your sleep cycle back on track.


In addition, you may wish to consider whether the time has come to change your sleep position. If you are used to sleeping with your body positioned a particular way every night, then your feeling in the morning that you haven’t gotten a restful eight hours might be directly related to that. There are negatives and positives to the different sleep positions, so let’s talk about those right now.


Back Sleepers


If you can manage to sleep on your back, it’s great for the neck and spine. Many people who sleep on their side or stomach and feel sore in the morning feel much better if they can train their bodies to fall asleep when they are lying on their backs. The back is straight in this position, and it is not being contorted at all. If you sleep with your face not mashed into the pillow, it’s also going to mean less facial wrinkles.


The most significant con for San Diego residents who sleep on their backs is that it’s the position that is most likely to lead to snoring. If you suffer from sleep apnea, this is also the worst position for you. Doctors recommend that those who have sleep apnea should try to sleep on their sides.


Side Sleepers


If you’re headed to the mattress store for an upgrade and you want to make more positive changes in your sleep cycle, then sleeping on your side might be the next thing you should try. Sleeping on your side alleviates acid reflux and other stomach problems, and this position also helps the brain to filter out waste, provided that you sleep on your left side rather than your right.


The main problem for side sleepers is that you run the risk of the arm on which you are sleeping being numb when you wake up. This position also puts stress on the shoulders, so if you have shoulder pain, then you should try something else.


Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleeping is the one that’s thought to lead to the most problems. About the only pro is that it relieves snoring.


As for the cons, San Diego residents who sleep on their stomachs flatten their spines, which can lead to lower back pain. If you sleep all night with your head turned to the side, it will also strain your neck.


Whichever position you choose to sleep in, getting to the mattress store for an upgrade is going to be helpful for you. It’s probably best that you think about changing up that sleep position, though, if you’re having problems with snoring, back pain, or some other ailment.