How Interior Design Can Improve Your Sleep

According to mattress store experts in San Diego, your bedroom design can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep that you get at night. So, if you already have a comfortable mattress and bedding, then you might want to change up the layout of your room. 


These are the best bedroom makeover hacks to promote a calm, relaxing environment so that you are ready for a good night’s sleep every time you hop into bed.

Think About Color

Many people know that color can influence our mood. So, if you want to promote a certain restfulness or soothing energy, then you may want to consider using blues, greens, and grays in your bedroom. These two are proven to reduce heart rate and blood pressure while colors like red and purple are more energizing. You can integrate color into the color of your walls, your bedding, your furniture, and your rugs. 

Lighting is Key

In order to nurture and protect your body’s natural circadian rhythm, lighting is an especially important part of a bedroom. You want to make sure that you have the right kind of light bulbs for your artificial light. According to sleep experts of the San Diegomattress store, blue wavelength light, which we find in the screens of our digital devices, is disruptive to our body’s melatonin production. Blue wavelength light is also in LED bulbs, so you shouldn’t use these for your bedroom light. Instead, try incandescent light bulbs or “soft white” bulbs. These emit a warmer glow. Pink or red light bulbs are also good for encouraging restful sleep. 

Consider Getting Curtains

When you want to control the amount of light in the room, you should consider getting curtains. This is especially helpful for blocking out streetlights, headlights, and any other artificial light at night. Some people are particularly sensitive to light and require blackout curtains. These are offered at some hotels and are helpful for blocking out noise as well as light. Blackout lining and blackout shades are other window-covering options that can be useful for controlling the amount of light that gets in your bedroom. 

Clean Up

Did you know that messy rooms can actually reflect a chaotic mind? When you reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom, you can make it feel bigger and more open, which promotes a better sense of relaxation. Consider buying a nice hamper for your dirty clothes and organize your drawers so that you don’t have piles of things lying around. This will not only clear your mind but it will make your space more usable. 

With a little bit of effort, you can transform your bedroom into a perfect escape from everyday worries and stressors. Altering the interior design of your room will help you take control of your sleep environment and optimize it for your needs. There’s no reason to keep things as they are if they’re not serving you in the long run. Changing up your sleeping space can do wonders for your quality of rest at night. Once you achieve the amount of sleep you need and deserve, you will find yourself in a better mood with more energy and improved overall health.