Is It Time to Replace Your Mattress?

Most people have a common idea that mattresses could last a lifetime. However, even the best mattress becomes worn out over time and calls for a replacement from local Orange County mattress stores. Some people use the indicated warranty to know if it’s time to replace it. On the other hand, some Orange County mattress owners just wouldn’t toss it in the trash unless its springs and coils had already popped out. To know more if you need a new mattress, read the article to be informed about the factors to look out for.


Aches and pains

Do you wake up with stiff muscles or nurse body pain in the morning? This is a sure sign to finally purchase a new Orange County mattress. A quality mattress should not leave any signs of discomfort or pain to you. Instead, it should help ease the pressure from your body. Deterioration of the mattress leads to less support, so you feel uncomfortable while you sleep, leading to poor rest quality.


Another common indicator that you need to buy a replacement and visit mattress stores in Orange County is allergies. Mold, mildew, and dust mites are some of the allergens that can stick up in your mattress over time. If you find yourself having allergies that seem to worsen at night, then you need to toss out your mattress. 

Itchy Welts

Bed bugs are also another pests to look out for. Once these pests find their way to your mattress, it can be quite difficult to eliminate them. One of the signs to know that you have them is bite marks and a musty smell. If you have these, then you surely have these unwanted guests with you. Pest control can eliminate them for you, but these little crawlers know how to hide, so it would be better to replace your mattress.


Sagging starts when the coils in your mattress can no longer provide support. Any type of mattress will eventually sag and have indentations as time passes. These deformities are normal, especially for old mattresses. Aside from sagging, lumps, rips, tears, and splits are also good reasons to find your way towards an Orange County mattress store. You can check if the replacement is covered by the warranty. However, warranty is only applicable for a span of period and limits to certain reasons for replacement. In addition, these deformities are linked to body pains making your sleep an unbearable one.

Sleep Deprivation

When you find yourself having trouble catching sleep, chances are you need to find a replacement for your mattress. Getting a good night’s rest is one way to replenish our energy to carry on its daily activities and ward off health threats. There could be other reasons why you do not get quality sleep, such as existing health problems or anxiety. However, it is best to deal with these things by getting a quality Orange County mattress in order to achieve a well-rested night. This step is important mostly to preserve your health and achieve optimum wellness.


There are ways on how to tell if you need a new mattress. You should look after these factors to ensure that you make the most out of your mattress. So if you see some of these signs, make sure to visit a mattress store in Orange County to get the quality mattress you deserve. Having a quality mattress is a reasonable gift for your health that you will thank yourself for having.