Mattress Stores Work Together With Giving Children Hope Organization

Escondido, California (April 4, 2016) – Mattress Sale Liquidators, one of the most well-known mattress stores in Orange County is working with the Giving Children Hope organization on The Sherman Project. In particular, the company’s Fountain Valley branch is in cooperation with the non-profit to bring mattresses to the Sherman Indian High School in Riverside where over 400 Native American students live and learn at the Sherman boarding school.

The Sherman Project aims to help the students, many of whom are foster children rescued from the plight of their reservations, by providing a safe environment for them. Teens under the care of the boarding school’s staff get quality education along with food and shelter. Conditions in the dormitories, however, are not that ideal as most children are only given plastic mattresses and a few articles of clothing. Still, the students are reluctant to return to their homes for the lack of food and shelter awaiting them once they get there.

Giving Children Hope has partnered up with many other organizations and companies like Mattress Sale Liquidators to improve the living conditions of the students at the Sherman Indian High School. On February 19, the non-profit organization and Mattress Sale Liquidators donated 50 twin mattresses to the children. Apparently, the mattresses provided for the youth were using mattresses that were at least 20 years old, and are long overdue for replacements. Along with the mattresses, the Giving Children Hope organization also handed out some freebies as well as food and beverages on the distribution day.

This is only the first of many efforts The Sherman Project want to undertake for the benefit of the children. In the following weeks, months and years, Giving Children Hope will be more active in providing support for the students at the Sherman Indian High School.

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