The Benefits Of Good Sleep On Your San Diego Mattress

It is a marvel how people tend to underrate the impact sleep has on their general health. Of course, sleep varies in different individuals, but a study has shown that adults require at least 6-10 hours of sleep to function fully in their daily activities.

This article briefly summarizes the importance of sleep and how your diet influences how much sleep you get.


The Importance Of Sleep

Below are the benefits you get from enough sleep on your San Diego mattress.

Strengthens your immunity

There is a strong association between your immunity and your circadian rhythm in that enough sleep strengthens your T cells. These are cells found in your body which fight against any infection in your body.

Improves your moods

We all know that famous cliche &eacute, “just sleep it off.” Sleep has a way of alleviating your moods and helping you relieve anxiety and stress. This is made possible through the hormone called serotonin which is produced by your body during sleep.

It prevents you from getting chronic illnesses.

If you thought that eating healthy and exercise is the only way to avoid getting chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, then you were wrong. Studies have shown that lack of sleep reduces insulin sensitivity in your body. Insulin keeps your body’s blood sugars in check, thus keeping diabetes at bay.

Lack of enough sleep means that your heart muscles do not get to repair and recover fully. As a result, you end up overworking your heart; hence there is an increased risk of heart diseases such as heart failure. Invest in quality mattresses in San Diego for a more healthy life.

It helps keep your weight in check.

Wondering why you are not losing weight yet, you have been faithfully exercising? Well, if you have not been sleeping enough, then you now know the answer. Lack of enough sleep makes your body produce hormones that stimulate hunger cues, making you have irresistible urges to munch now and then, especially at night.

Your body’s metabolic rate at night is usually low due to reduced activities. This means that what you take in is generally stored in your body tissues and not utilized for metabolic conditioning, making you gain weight.

Foods To Avoid To Sleep Well

If you want quality sleep, ensure that you avoid these foods while using mattress San Diego;

·Caffeinated foods-coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate

·Spicy foods-these foods cause acid reflux at night, which causes you discomfort and lack of sleep

·Alcohol-you may probably wake in the middle of the night due to a hangover

·Foods containing cheese

Foods That Promote A Good Night Sleep

Eating foods that contain sleep-promoting compounds such as melatonin, magnesium, calcium, serotonin, and tryptophan will have you sleeping close to 30 minutes as soon as you hit your sheets. These foods include;

·Fatty fish-salmons, trouts, and sardines

·Almond nuts

·Kiwi fruits

·A warm cup of milk

Key takeaway

Having quality sleep improves your quality of life in many ways. Before using sleeping pills as a remedy for insomnia, first, try to find out the cause of your lack of sleep; It may be your mattress trying to send you a signal that it’s time to get a new San Diego mattress. Maintaining a good diet goes a long way in improving your health and getting a good night’s sleep.