The Different Types of Rest to Consider at Mattress Stores in Orange County

The Different Types of Rest to Consider at Mattress Stores in Orange County

Self-care is important and having a bedtime routine is an act of self-care. It is generally known that getting eight hours of sleep is ideal. However, have you ever woken up after getting your eight hours of rest and still felt really groggy? There’s a reason for that.

Sleep and rest are not synonymous. According to physician and sleep expert Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, there are seven different types of rest your body needs to feel good. We’re going to break down each type of rest for you.

Physical Rest

This is the rest that most people recognize. Physical rest can be either passive or active. Passive physical rest means that your body is getting high quality sleep. Active physical rest works to increase your body’s flexibility and mobility. Activities such as yoga and stretching are great examples of ways to improve your body’s flexibility. These activities also help relax your body.

You’ll also want to think about your work setup. If you’re working at a computer in the office all day, consider the amount of stress this setup can put on your body and make adjustments.

Mental Rest

Do you feel like your mind is racing when you’re in bed? If you have trouble falling asleep because you have a lot going on in your head, this could mean that you need to focus on getting more mental rest.

So how do you quiet all the thoughts running through your head at night? Consider giving yourself some mental space, perhaps by going on a vacation. If you can’t take a trip, even just going for a walk around your neighborhood and then doing some light journaling before bed is beneficial.

If you have hectic workdays, think about giving yourself short, 10 minute breaks throughout the day. These breaks can help bring calmness to your mind.

Social Rest

Sometimes hanging out with people can be exhausting- especially if you’re an introvert. A social rest gives you time to recharge after spending time talking to people. Everyone needs a little “me time”.

Spiritual Rest

Our bodies need rest on a spiritual level, too! Beyond mental and physical needs, we have a deep desire to feel like we belong somewhere and have a purpose in life. An example of someone who lacks spiritual rest may be a person who feels like their occupation doesn’t serve a greater purpose. Some workers report feeling burned out.

According to Dalton-Smith, spiritual rest means connecting to something bigger than yourself in your daily routine. Volunteering and helping others in your community is a prime example of spiritual rest. If you are religious, contributing to a faith-based organization in your area is another great way to lift your spirits.

Sensory Rest

The pandemic has had many of us feeling the effects of sensory overload. We are constantly looking at the screen of our cell phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs- sometimes simultaneously. If you have transitioned from at-home to in-office for work, your senses are even heightened.

How do our bodies react to sensory overload? With anger.

So, how do we curb sensory overload? You could try a digital detox and unplug all your electronics at the end of the day. A digital detox can be difficult to commit to. Another option you have is to take ten minutes of non-sleep deep rest.

What is non-sleep deep rest? This type of rest means you’re allowing your body to slip into a sleep-like state for a brief period of time that gives your brain total rest.

Creative Rest

Creative rest is all about allowing yourself time to appreciate beauty in all its forms. Enjoying a beach trip, indulging in music, dance or any other kind of art form are wonderful avenues to ensure that you get the creative rest that you need.

Emotional Rest

A person who is getting plenty of emotional rest is able to connect with others in a genuine way. If you feel like you are bottling up your feelings, or that you are constantly having to keep your feelings in check, you are probably lacking emotional rest.

Everyone is different, and we all have our own means of staying true to ourselves. It’s up to you to evaluate your life choices and discover your route to achieving emotional rest.

The next time you’re at the mattress stores in Orange County, consider all the different types of rest that you need to stay energized.