The Effects of Having Lumbar Support For Your Mattress

At some point, experiencing pain or discomfort after waking up on your mattress is common. Many people are affected by back pain. It’s estimated that 8 out of every 10 Americans will experience some type of back pain in their lifetime. Fortunately, Orange County sleep experts have come up with ways to assist in easing the discomfort.  


How Is Lower Back Pain Caused? 

The body’s lumbar region is made up of five vertebrae ranging from your diaphragm down to your tailbone. For some people, this lumbar region may experience mild to severe discomfort due to bad posture, weaker muscles, and even lifting or pushing something the wrong way. When the lower back undergoes stress for any of these reasons and causes pain, support in the lumbar region is the easiest remedy. 

Get The Right Lumbar Support 

Several pieces of furniture have been specifically designed to help support your lower back in the positions of sitting or lying down. Targeted support will allow the spinal region to maintain its natural curvature and keep from oppressing the lower back muscles. Below are some remedies from sleep experts to help maintain lumbar support on your Orange County mattress at night. 

Sleeping Positions 

Upgrading your bed isn’t always an affordable or realistic option. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to pains and lower-back aches by adding one small item to your bedtime position: a pillow. For stomach sleepers, consider positioning a pillow beneath your abdomen to create the natural curvature of your spine. Side sleepers, try placing a pillow between your knees to keep your pelvis, hips, and spine level through the night. Finally, since back sleepers are already in a good position to diminish lumbar pain, consider placing a pillow below your knees to give your back just enough support to alleviate any remaining pressure. 

The Perfect Bed 

The average person spends about a third of their life in bed, therefore a mattress providing back support and aids in alleviating pain is critical to a healthy lifestyle. Sleep experts suggest finding a bed that allows your hips as well as your shoulders to sink into the mattress. This will keep your spine aligned. A hybrid mattress will use coils that provide support at targeted areas that need extra pressure relief along with layers of memory foam that provide proper lumbar alignment throughout the night. 

Adjustable Beds 

If your bedtime needs are more specific, then you may consider investing in an adjustable bed. This will allow you to fully customize your surface to your needs. With a fully adjustable bed, you can personalize the mattress to target the exact areas of your body that need a release of pressure. 

Lumbar support is a necessary factor to consider when it comes to sleeping on your mattress. Receiving that support will allow relief in all aspects of your back pain. Whether it’s a mattress upgrade, trying a new style of mattress, or simply switching up your pillow placement, you will feel the difference.