The Ultimate Guide To Your Bedside Pendant Lights

To err is human, to read, divine!


Did you know even Arianna Huffington reads in her cozy, comfy bed? It means we should pay closer attention to our bedroom lighting. Whereas darkrooms are perfect for your good night sleep, but too little light hinders activities like dressing, getting your room ready, and of course reading.



A gentle ambient light can give you the perfect bedroom environment you need. Although you can get the perfect bedding items mattress stores Orange County, the right lighting can make you more relaxed and lift your spirit. Today, we are zeroing in on one of the essential bedroom aspects i.e., your bedside lamps.


Read on to find the best reasons why you should have bedside pendant lights in your bedroom:


The bedside pendant can be adjusted


If you want to replace your conventional task lamp, bedside pendants are a unique alternative. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the convenience of reading lights. Late-night readers can use easily adjustable pendant lights. With smart adjustability and directional light,

you can achieve the same functionality as a table lamp.


For night owls, these adjustable pendant lights can be faced away quickly for sleeping comfort. Even better, they are compatible with a dimmer switch for adjustable ambiance.


Pendant lights free up a lot of space


Bedside pendant lights are perfect for you if you have a tiny bedroom. Your nightstand will never cram for space, once you install your bedside pendant lighting. Now that you have taken your bedside lighting to the new heights, you have plenty of space available for your accessories, and of course for your favorite books. If your pendant is placed as an overhead light, your bed layout will illuminate perfectly on display.


A creative way to add a personal touch


When deciding which pendant lightning to go with, pay closer attention to the ambiance and style. Just like it’s function, the style should also be appealing. Even though pendants are smaller in size, they add instant personality to your bedroom. Whether you love the edgy urban look or you are all into mid-century modern, pendants have the uncanny ability to add a personal touch.


Hold on, do you fall somewhere in between, don’t worry! There is still a pendant for you.


Symmetry or asymmetry?


Just like the ultimate comfort you have since you recently purchased a mattress stores Orange County, you can also get the ideal symmetry by installing pendant lights. Anchor your bedroom with an even harmony by installing purely symmetric pendant lights. Just like your bedside lamp, you can also match your pendant light to a strictly symmetrical look.


Take an unusual route and pair a single pendant with your table lamp if you are more into odd numbers. The two perfectly complement each other and help your bedroom get an asymmetrical look.


Plug them in


If you are more into bedroom configurations too often, then it is pretty hard to keep up with hardwiring pendants. In this case, it is better to choose plug-in pendants lights. You can still get nearly the same look of hanging lamps without going through the hefty installation process.


Here are some pendant light designs for bedside. You will love them, I bet!


The geometric beauty of your bedside table


Geometric shapes and fine line are on-trend nowadays. If you want to keep things light, airy light pendants are a perfect choice. The geometrically shaped lights go perfect and work with the mid-century modern, rustic, and contemporary bedroom decor.


Banded Gold Contemporary Globe Pendant


Illuminate your bedroom in modern style with the contemporary globe pendant. This pendant features a rounded canopy crafted from metal.


Pay closer attention to the special style details when you are shopping for a focal point pendant. It is always okay to be a little more extravagant if your pendants are center of attention in your newly decorated bedroom.


Contemporary bedside light pendant


If you want your bedroom to look fabulous without much effort, choose modern bedside light pendants. Because of their simple shapes and lines, they are easy to add to your bedroom. Add monochromatic bedding, floating nightstands, and a platform bed to complete the contemporary bedroom decor.


Glamorous crystal pendant


Like the rest of your home, sometimes your bedroom also needs glamour. Add beautiful crystal pendants to add sparkle to your life. They are available in a variety of colors which can give your bedroom personalized styling options.


Traditional bedside pendant light


Soft lighting in your bedroom always promotes a romantic atmosphere and ambiance in your bedroom. A frosted glass pendant can give you the warmth,  inviting atmosphere, and ambiance that you need.


All you need to do is to change the blub. It’s that easy!


Industrial loft style pendant


Do you love the loft and industrial style? If yes, choose for iron, bronze, and strong details when shopping. You can also mix metal finishes to give the perfect industrial-style.


Pro-tip: Dark metals always rule the room.   


Give your bedroom a vintage atmosphere


It’s fun to bring back the vintage vibe from the 1960s. Shop for vintage finishes, chain swags, and globe shapes to bring back the vintage vibe.


The modern farmhouse style


Bring your favorite modern farmhouse style to your bedroom with rustic pendant lights. The secret of the farmhouse style is comfortable shape and materials. Wood and rustic metal and Edison bulbs perfectly capture the farmhouse style.


Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Pendant


Mid-century modern bedroom decor never goes out of fashion. This style of iconic lighting can be used to give your bedroom a mid-century look. Wired pendants are the truest style to give your bedroom an authentic look.


Boho swag pendant lights


Swag pendant lights are perfect for bohemian style. A swag pendant with a cord or chain gives your boho bedroom a casual and relaxed vibe. Always choose pendants made up of metal, wood, or rattan.


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