Tips to Consider in Choosing the Right Mattress for your Child

Children sleep longer and deeper than adults. Because of that, a comfortable mattress is considered very significant to their health, attention span, memory, and stress level, among other things.

Kids’ mental and physical growth requires a good night sleep because it’s at this time when their body especially their bones, hormones and the physical makeup of their brain develops most rapidly.


Thus, finding the best Orange County mattress for children can be hard work as studies show that a quality mattress plays an undeniable role in allowing the child to sleep deeply and wake up with readiness to face the day ahead.

Mattress protectors for children should also be fresh and breathable so that the sleeping child is comfortable. We have gathered information from the experts on how to choose a bed that will best support your child’s growing body and spine.


Choosing the correct type of mattress that will suit each child is very essential. According to a pediatric chiropractor, parents have to consider the weight and age of the child when buying a bed.  Beds that protect little necks, flat shoulders or smaller heads are much needed by kids as much as adults do. Pillows can only provide 20% of support, great mattresses that correctly matches the child’s body and sleep style is recommended.


Some beds offer benefits, but parents should be wary of the pitfalls as some children may experience difficulty in lying still.  Kids may also have a hard time expressing pain if they are in an uncomfortable bed. Therefore as parents, it is a must to know the kind of mattresses that can support the soft bones and growing bodies of the children.


Children that have allergies may need a different kind of mattress. Beds made of synthetics are not suitable as their fibers can attract bacteria and mites while mattresses and its sheets made of natural latex, cotton, pure wool or silk are naturally hypoallergenic.


Picking the right Orange County mattress for your children is not an easy task. There are numerous things to consider especially at night when the child’s brain collates together everything it has learned of the day. Call us at 714-795-0837 for advice on the right mattress for your child.