To Nap or Not To Nap?

Looking for a new mattress Orange County? There are options, whether you like soft, firm, or something in between. It’s recommended that you get a good night of sleep, but what if you’re feeling groggy during the day? Is it better to drink more coffee and push onward, or submit to the desire for a power nap?

Are Regular Naps Good For Us?
Babies nap, as do the elderly, and no one thinks twice about it. But what about those who work eight hour days, or longer? You might feel tired in the early afternoon, but is it better to soldier on or to find a place for a catnap? That might be personal preference, but it seems like more and more places of employment are setting aside areas for naps that were once designated as break rooms, and that’s not a bad thing.
Many Americans don’t get enough sleep. This can be attributed to many things. Insomnia is widespread, perhaps partially due to people watching TV and staring at their smartphone or laptop screens right before going to bed. It is recommended that you put the devices away at least an hour before bedtime, but not enough people are doing it. Also, some people are simply pushing themselves too hard. They might be working two jobs, twelve or fourteen hour days, to try and make ends meet. It’s hardly possible to suggest quitting one of those jobs if bills need to be paid, but getting in those twenty or thirty-minute power naps seems to make a lot of sense.
Don’t Think of a Nap as an Indulgence
It seems healthier, in the long run, to sleep for part of your lunch hour if you can manage it. If you can get home and sleep in your bed, that’s great. If that’s not possible, a break room will suffice. What you’re doing is mitigating the effects of sleep deprivation, so don’t think of this as something that you shouldn’t be doing. If the options are drinking a third cup of coffee or an energy drink loaded with sugar, taurine, and caffeine, or sleeping for twenty minutes instead, opt for the latter. You’ll not only be refreshed and able to continue your day, but you’ll also sleep better at night because there won’t be as much residual stimulant in your system.
It’s hard not to overwork yourself. We all have goals we strive to achieve, and bills to pay. But try to be kind to your body, if you can manage it. Set aside a few minutes for a midday nap. It can work wonders for you.