Visit The Mattress Stores As Your Children Grow

As your child grows, their sleep needs will change. Once a youngster outgrows their crib, then a twin size is going to be your next move. You’ll find plenty of them at the mattress stores in Orange County. In time, your teenager might need to go to a twin XL, or perhaps a full. But mattress size isn’t all that matters when it comes to children and sleep.


Here’s are some useful facts about sleep and young people that every parent should know.


Teens Need 8-10 Hours of Sleep Per Night

Some parents think that if a teenager sleeps for ten hours that they’re lazy, but that’s not the case. On average, teens need more sleep than adults, who need a minimum of seven a night. It takes a ton of energy to grow that fast, and teenagers are in an accelerated development phase.



If Your Child Has Trouble Sleeping, Get Rid of Electronics

Hitting the mattress stores in Orange County and getting a child a new sleeping setup is not a guarantee that insomnia will be cured. It could be too much exposure to laptops, cell phones, and TVs that is causing the problem. Remove all electronic devices from their room and see if that does the trick. Failing that, at least tell them to stop using these devices an hour before bedtime.



Monitor Their Eating Habits

Feeding kids too close to bedtime can keep them awake. That is especially true if the food or drinks contain sugar or caffeine, though. If your child insists on a bedtime snack, some fruit or nuts can provide a healthy alternative to junk food.


Create An Environment That’s Conducive To Sleeping

You want to be sure that it’s a comfortable temperature in the house for your child to sleep, neither too cold nor too hot. There should be the appropriate amount of blankets, and those blankets should be the proper thickness for the season. You also want to make sure that at bedtime the house is not too noisy, especially if you know that your children have school early the following morning.



It Helps To Establish A Routine

Setting a time for bed and sticking with it will create a rhythm for your children’s sleep cycles to which their bodies will respond favorably. They might complain about having a bedtime, but it will help them to perform at their peak abilities at school.

If all of this is the routine, and yet they are still not sleeping well, then it could be that their comfort level is the problem, and this is more likely if their mattress is a hand-me-down. Visit the mattress stores in Orange County and get a replacement. It may be a hardship to have to shell out the money for a new mattress, but your children’s comfort should be a priority for you if you want to give them their best chance to succeed academically.

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