What Are The Best Mattresses For Back Pain?

It is truly unfortunate how many people in this country suffer from regular or intermittent back pain, San Diego. There are many possible causes. Not enough exercise or weak muscles could be doing it. It might be due to bad posture, or being overweight. It could come from sitting at a desk at work all day, or there might have been some accident. It might be due to stress, or there could be a genetic predisposition. Whatever the case might be, though, if you have back pain, you need one of the mattresses that are going to give you the best chance at relief and a good night of sleep.



Memory Foam


Memory foam mattresses might be the most common choice for those dealing with back pain, San Diego. Since memory foam conforms to the shape of the body, it relieves pressure points. Many back pain sufferers find that this is the most effective way to combat the discomfort that is keeping them awake during the night. They will wake feeling refreshed, which is essential if they are to tackle the challenges of the day.


If you choose memory foam, San Diego, then you will want to look at the density. You can get mattresses with high, medium, or low density, and the best way to figure out which one seems right for you is to go the mattress store and try some out. Spend some time on different models and see if you can envision yourself getting a solid night of rest on any of them. Usually, back pain sufferers opt for the high-density foam since this provides the most support. The spinal alignment you get from high-density models is most likely to alleviate pain.




The other top choice for back pain is a latex layer in the mattress, San Diego. The reason these seem to fare well is that they have a bit of springy action, which most people find allows for some natural body contouring. As you sleep, you’re looking for relief of pain in not only the back, but also the hips, shoulders, and neck. Many latex mattress users say that they have found that. Again, you’ll want to test out some of these models at the store before committing to any of them.


Because back pain can be so debilitating, you truly owe it to yourself not to settle when it comes to mattresses, San Diego. Most companies allow you to try out the mattress for a few weeks or longer, and you can return it free of charge if you find that it’s not right for you. Because you are likely going to have that same mattress for several years, if you see that the one you chose isn’t allowing you to get the sleep you need, don’t settle. Return it, and try other ones until you find a match.