How To Combat Sleeplessness

San Diego residents are not exempt from an epidemic that is prevalent throughout the nation: lack of sleep. If you’ve ever been on public transportation in the morning and seen the people bleary-eyed, fighting to stay awake as the train or bus sways back and forth, you know that they’re coming off a restless night. So, what exactly can be done about sleep deprivation? Is the solution as simple as a trip to the mattress store San Diego?



Educate Yourself About Sleep Deprivation


The better you are educated about healthy sleep cycles and how you can achieve them, the more likely you won’t be one of those unfortunate people who is walking zombie-like through their lives. Most of us have pulled an all-nighter before a test, but it is something else when we are consistently not getting seven-to-eight hours a night as is recommended for adults.


Lack of sleep can come about from many causes. You might be bringing your work home with you. You might be stressed out because of familial problems, and that is causing your mind to be too active at night. Perhaps your commute is too long, or you’re concerned because a child is underperforming at school. The fact is, while the reasons that you might be sleeping poorly are many, the result is going to be the same. Without that vital sleep your body needs to recharge, you will be irritable, sluggish, and not as mentally or physically sharp as you should be.


Is Your Mattress the Problem?


In the case that your mattress is old and worn out, then a trip to the mattress store might be a big step toward resting comfortably again, San Diego. If you can’t remember the last time you bought a new mattress, that’s usually a sign that it’s time. If your mattress sags or any of the springs or innards are leaking out or protruding, act without delay.


It is also helpful to set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Be disciplined, and don’t stay up past it unless it’s essential. You can use an app on your phone as an ambient noise machine that will allow your mind to quiet itself. You should also stop using laptops, playing on your phone, or watching TV at least an hour before bed. Instead, read a book, have some conversation with your family, or meditate for a few minutes.


In these ways, you should be able to reprogram your body to fight back against sleeplessness, San Diego. Whether it’s time to hit the mattress store or make some more subtle changes in your life, don’t delay. Every day that you struggle through your routine is an unpleasant one.