Seniors Can Benefit From A Trip To The Mattress Stores

For adults in San Diego in their later years, selecting the best mattress is essential. It’s the difference between a restful night that leaves them feeling refreshed and a day overloading on caffeine to try and stay awake. That is because many older adults are bothered by the pains and aches that come from arthritis or old injuries that never quite healed properly.




Because of this, the best mattress models for older adults are those that provide adequate support for problem areas like the back, neck, hips, and shoulders. Let’s take a trip through the mattress stores of San Diego as we determine what style of mattress is best for senior citizens.


Temperature Considerations


If you were to ask several seniors what they’re looking for from a mattress, many of them might bring up the issue of heat disbursement.


It’s tough for anyone to sleep on a mattress that does not allow heat to escape, but for older adults is can be especially maddening. Because of this, seniors who visit the San Diego mattress stores will want to ask about models that sleep cool.


Motion Transfer


For seniors who sleep with a partner, noise canceling ability is also going to play a part. If one bedmate or the other is restless, then a low potential for squeaks and creaks will be an ideal mattress feature.


Any motion transfer should be minimized so that the partner who is sleeping soundly will not wake while the other tries to find a comfortable position.


Mattress Type


Perhaps the most crucial feature in mattresses for older adults, though, is the materials out of which they are constructed. While the best policy is always going to be to try out different mattresses to see which one feels best, here are some general guidelines to which seniors can refer.


Innerspring mattresses provide decent support, but they are bad for pain and pressure relief. This means that they’re likely not the best option for seniors.


Foam mattresses provide fair or good support. However, they are a solid pick for pain and pressure relief, so they might be a more likely candidate for some San Diego seniors.


Latex might be the best option, or many seniors find it to be the case, at any rate. That is because it offers both excellent support and equally effective pain and pressure relief.


Hybrid mattresses provide outstanding support, but it is rare to find one that has the pain and pressure relief for which older adults may be searching.


Airbeds often provide very good support, but again, the pain and pressure relief are usually lacking. This is almost certainly not going to be the best choice for seniors citizens.


Armed with this knowledge, older adults in San Diego can now head to the mattress stores. We wish you happy hunting, and don’t settle for anything less than the perfect mattress for you.


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